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Started by pronetoaccidents, September 04, 2015, 11:28:15 AM

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i'm not sure if anyone is familiar with this particular artist, brooke candy but someone showed me this video and if you haven't indulged in her musical contributions to the world nows your chance..

everything wrong about life..

Though lovers be lost love shall not.


while i'm at it i might as well post more ridiculous music.. this gentleman stiches has an AK47 face tattoo as well as COCAINE tatted on his eye.. This little ditty is caled Brick In Yo Face
Though lovers be lost love shall not.


Don't click on it, Ryan. You'll only make it worse.

Nah, I don't mind Brooke Candy so much.  I remember checking her out after that Grimes video a few years ago.  At least she's got a feminist slant.

The wonky blow dude is kinda scary though.  Not sure he'd be much of a conversationalist or fun to party with.


also, Miami seems like a horrible place.


I would definitely let Stitches babysit my kids. He seems like a nice young man. I really identify with him as I too often wonder what someone is going to do with the brick I put on their face.

This beat sounds like it was produced by the dudes in Hustle and Flow.
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Having said that, I'd rather listen to Papa Roach than GG Allin


Definitely liked Brooke Candy more than Stitches.
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