What did you think of Maleficent?

Started by Semi, June 12, 2014, 08:35:32 AM

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There was a thread on the old forum about Maleficent so I guess I'll have to start a new one to get a discussion on it!

I thought it was pretty terrible, which was incredibly frustrating since there are a lot of really good scenes (i would say that a majority of the scenes in the film feel like they should be in a great film) but as a whole it was just mindboggingly bad. The pacing was horrendous and the story felt incredibly contrived, I have a theory that the original script wasn't based on Sleeping Beauty at all but Disney wanted to cash in on an existing brand (the economic crisis fucked over Hollywood big time </3) and therefore made the script writers push two scripts together to create this schlock.

Very disappointed, especially since it really felt that it could've been great if only there was some finesse.

Also, Angelina Jolie is great. I'd watch the film just for her and the cinemtography in some of the shots, even though it was a really frustrating watch I still kind of enjoyed it in some weird way.
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My friend wrote a pretty long rant on it, in the first part contrasting it to the great setup the characters had in the animated Sleeping Beauty and the failed follow up in Maleficent: http://choclytgremlins.livejournal.com/69967.html


arronsky goes in phases. It's almost predicatably cyclic. He makes a mind blowingly good movie (Pi, requiem for a dream, the wrestler) and then he projects a few hours and shots of fecal matter on the screen for an hour or two. he's got another good one in him. i know it. or at least I hope he doesn't go to the m night shyamalan route and create pure garbage again and again. I mean, c'mon. did anony see Noah? It was fucking BRUTAL to sit through.

but no, I haven't seen Maleficient but I still plan on checking it out. right next to the cinema they have a cheeburgercheebuger and you get burgers and fries and onion rings and movie passes included so i'll stuff myself, wash it down with a milkshake, smoke some weed to at least leave me a tad open minded and see how i feel about it mself and have come back with an educated opionon.
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