What's an opening band you hadn't heard of when you saw them but now love?

Started by skateandannoy, August 04, 2015, 06:50:34 PM

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I MEAN HAS ANYONE SEEN SOOPHIE LIVE? i think that was one of their very last shows


i saw that at PIX Fest in like...2005? I couldn't really make out any songs, it was just a bunch of people running around onstage. I'm sure it was a blast if you were in the band.

Once of my first concerts ever was Seaweed opening for Sponge and Candlebox. The latter two are pretty who-gives-a-shit bands but I still like Seaweed, and saw them play a show in Portland like 17 years later



Actually I think it was 2004. It was in Bloomington, not a tour. I was mainly excited to see the OP:CC reunion. They went "OK" and played a song when I yelled it out!



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