Punk rock bundle! 2 LPs, 4 7"s, 4 cassettes and 1 CD!!!

Started by moosterrecords, July 12, 2015, 11:17:51 AM

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I am in desperate need of some cashola for a new record we are putting out so here is the biggest Mooster Bundle ever!!

What Youll get:

The Connie Dungs "S/t" LP(green vinyl)
Pool Party "Pool Party Number One" LP(yellow blue splatter vinyl)
Pool Party "Pool Party Party" 7"
Pool Party "Teenage Weirdo" 7"
The Demerits "Shake It" 7"
Kepi Ghoulie "13 for 13" Tape
Chronics Tape
McCrackins tape
MTX "King Dork Approximately cassingle with goodies
One mystery 7" of my choosing
a Mooster Mania CD of my choosing

2 LPs, 4 7"s, 4 cassettes and 1 CD!!! for $25

US only please!