Do you collect anything?

Started by skateandannoy, July 06, 2015, 11:00:49 AM

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I used to collect things but went through a ghandi/buddhist/eastern philosophy phase and i gave all my possessions away to distinguish my self from the self that associates with the material. while i don't hold to many of those philosophies today, i never got back into things like i had before, like most i inadvertly collect music gear and auxiliary instruments (as dakota calls them, i like to call them jug band ditties) like pan flute, harmonica, kazoos and the like.

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My two main collections are VHS  tapes (people always look at me weird when I say this, but some of them are worth a surprising amount of money) and limited edition posters (mondo, bottleneck, gallery1988 etc). I definitely enjoy a good thrift store/used book sale.

hey dude, i ended up not having doubles of the vinyl pix stuff which was why i hadn't mailed you stuff (you said you didn't really care for cds/tapes if i remember right) BUT i have tons of old vhs stuff sitting in a closet, the remnants from most i actually tossed in the work dumpster so i do have some vhs stuff i could send you, things like director commentary remasterd evil dead one and two, dawn of the dead vhs collectors edition, mostly horror films from my old horror buff days

I have pretty much everything you mentioned, but if you have other stuff I'd gladly pay for shipping or even extra if I need the movies!  :)

i totally missed your response, haven't been checking the board as much lately. i went on a summer cleaning binge yesterday and i'll start to put together some pics, i also have tons and tons of books i could also unload, if you like philosophy or sciences
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There are two more on their in the mail. I have a problem, you guys.

These are fucking cool, I see why you collect them.
Yup these are damn amazing.

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kinda weird how the earth continues to spin on its axis and everything eventually dies even when you don't want it to dang


I collect beer koozies, set lists, and Funko POPS. 



disappointments, books i'll never get around to reading, escape plans, movies.

but yeah, like i said earlier mostly comics.

I've lost a lot of things over the year. didn't have stable housing or housing at all at some points for about half a decade so transcience and clutter don't really coincide. but a feel things i don't let go of. i collect all my writing, no matter what it is, when i wrote it or what it's about. and cards people send. letters they write... things of that nature. 
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I'm getting into those metal/enamel pins too!

I just got



The pins seem to be blowing up and becoming all the rage. Selling out like hot cakes and then people are flipping them for stupid amounts on the secondary market.


a friend of mine makes pins, here are a few.

i collect cheese stickers


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kinda weird how the earth continues to spin on its axis and everything eventually dies even when you don't want it to dang


Though lovers be lost love shall not.


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Where do you even find those?!
Lapel pins? Instagram. Just search hashtags, like pingame, and @patchgame posts a lot of pins in addition to rad patches.

Anna Karina

Pretty sure he means them cheese stickers.

Anna Karina

I've spent the majority of my life wasting money on movies. And then I've spent the past few years selling most of those movies for money or records.

Slowly starting to enjoy my record collection, but not really sure how I'd take pictures of it.

Here's what's left of my movies (a few other random ones not pictured, like the Seinfeld series/coffee table book, I Am Cuba, and House of the Devil on VHS.

Also, I brought select cards back with me from my visit home last week for my grandfather's funeral (only brought my Kobe, Iverson, Marbury, and MJ cards for now, hoping to bring the rest back after Christmas):

I guess here's my records even though you can't tell what they are:

I've been slowly collecting every Nick Cave album. Maybe someday I'll own them all.

I also have a lot of Tom Waits and Grouper albums and hope to own all of their releases someday.


Yeah, those cheese stickers! Thanks Brett, for clarifying for me. Record and movie collections look great! I try to get something every time Barnes & Noble has a half off sale. My local record store usually has some good used stuff so I pick shit up there. Bought the I Am Curious set most recently. You have killer taste in whiskey/ bourbon too! Bulleit is my favorite.

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kinda weird how the earth continues to spin on its axis and everything eventually dies even when you don't want it to dang


i collect badges (buttons? pins?) and have done for most/all of my life. i have a reasonable sized box full. a lot of them i've had since i was a child and i have all kinds, but there are two main categories i go out of my way to look for nowadays:

- library badges. when i was a tiny kid there was always a jar of badges at the library and i'd always beg my mother to buy me one. they usually have some sort of book-related terrible pun on.

- mostly old/vintage but some new promotional badges for shops or products

here's a couple of pictures i found that i took 3 or 4 years ago:

and 3 that i picked up a few weeks ago: