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Started by pronetoaccidents, May 28, 2015, 07:52:21 AM

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Though lovers be lost love shall not.





got a few more for you buddy..

Though lovers be lost love shall not.


Though lovers be lost love shall not.


That last one is so disturbing to me.  It's like they've never felt happy in their lives.  I don't know why I opened this thread, either.


I like this thread! Keep 'em coming!

Quote from: tinybitsofheart on August 01, 2014, 06:53:17 AM
kinda weird how the earth continues to spin on its axis and everything eventually dies even when you don't want it to dang


certainly kind sir..
makes you aware that at any moment of any day you are being watched. maybe a kind, lonely old lady looking out the window or perhaps someone with a sniper rifle and his crosshairs pointed directly at yours head. you'll never know what hit you.

self explanatory but nonetheless quite morbid.

Childrens drawings are beautiful and horrific. In case you can't read it, it says "This is Lisa. She is my friend. My mom and Dad don't see her so they say she is an imaginary friend. Lisa is a nice friend"

I'm pretty sure the hooded secret society/cult/demonic onlookers weren't on the wedding guest list.

jesus fucking christ

Is this a staged photo or documentation of some type of cultist/demonic sacrifice? chew that one over a bit and decide for yourself. whatever helps keep your sanity and faith in humanity.

"This is an image from Miyake-jima, where everyone must carry a gas mask at all times, due to the vast amount of volcanic activity." Must be prime real-estate.

I think even the most ardent pro-lifers would consider an abortion after seeing this ultrasound

nothing out of the ordinary going on here.. clearly..

such a cute couple

Though lovers be lost love shall not.


French catacombs

This is the most disturbing to me. It's claw marks on the interior walls of the gas chamber at Auschwitz

Quite the family portrait


hornets nest formed around a mask

again, the historical ones are the most frightening for me.. this is an underwater atomic bomb testing..

image from baby monitor.. don't know exactly why it's creepy but it just is.

Though lovers be lost love shall not.


strictly historical ones.. I personally find these to be the most disturbing because it shows all facets of humanity and suffering..

iron lung ward for children with polio (1930s)

anti-freckle treatment (1930s)

"Max Schreck sitting in between takes of the silent movie Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror [1922]"

"Patrons at Hell's Cafe in Paris, which shut down some time in the mid-20th century."

A Mickey Mouse gas mask, which was used to make the devices more appealing to children. [1942]

Two clowns and Santa visit a girl in hospital. [c. 1950s].. how is she not letting out uncontrollable blood curdling screams?

"Two parents posed with their dead daughter in the middle. When photography was expensive, you would have a photo taken at your birth, your wedding and your death." [c. Victorian Era]

A girl who grew up in a concentration camp draws a picture of "home" while living in a "residence for disturbed children." [1948]

Mental patient Katharina Detzel, who built her own man out of the straw in her bed. [1910]

The Ku Klux Klan at a carnival in Canon City. [1925]
Though lovers be lost love shall not.