In honor of this new board, lets rivisit the Pixboards of yore.

Started by ramblinrabble, June 10, 2014, 06:01:10 PM

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sorry for double posting the admins can delete my shitty thread


Anti-Creative Records sells some things.


i wonder does archive have a log of that guy who ripped everyone off for all those CD sales in the buy/sell forum



i love sharks and Godzilla


i browed the old boards a little.. i didn't want to. i thought it would make me feel old and worthless and a hypocrite because i probably was talking about all the stuff i wanna accomplish and it dates back to 10 years ago and all i can say is i'm not shooting heroin but i'm "prescription meds" from a shady doctor. but hey, i have a beautiful girl, i'm almost done with my sprawling brutal crime epic story and life is as good or better than its been in a long, long time. so yeah. didn't wanan look but i peeked. man, we were fucking kids bickering about such bullshiit. it's unbelieable. we looked like kids in the park on recess arguing over who goes on the fucking monkeybars first or something.
Though lovers be lost love shall not.


i hate it! i hate it! i'm not good with change. it takes me half the year to know what year it is after new years so change is bad. i want the old board back. bah hum bug
Though lovers be lost love shall not.