acoustic chris clavin/mikey erg/fried chicken n gasoline show in my living room

Started by pronetoaccidents, March 17, 2015, 01:37:09 PM

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it's gonna be april 13th. if any new yawkers wanna come, or anyone gonna be in the area, come by and hang.
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Is this for real? Makes me wish my band wasn't unbelievably loud or I might try and bug ya to add us.
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Though lovers be lost love shall not.


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gimme a call that day or sometime before than and we can hang. i'm not far from Jersey PATH train or if you drive, well we can talk about this stuff on the phone or message or whatever.

hope everything good. haven't detected your presence around here lately.
Though lovers be lost love shall not.


I'm assuming this is the show Chris is super pissed about on FB. He said the dude hosting the show never showed up and they sat on your stoop for hours and wasted a bunch of time and money. Tsk tsk.


ya i just read that too and came on over to see if this was that show.... sad face
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We'll see if he starts just posting nonchalantly like nothing happened or at least tries to gives some explanation as to why it happened.

edit: if something did happen to you, clearly it's understood and we want to make sure you are okay, but from the sources I've talked to it was a huge bummer for everyone involved.


hope you're well ryan. let us know if you're alright / need some support duder. no one's mad about the show, we all just would like to know you are well!


it means a lot to me that people generally care about my well being. i mean that from the bottom of my heart. i'm okay now. i would of been there raging if i wasn't in the hospital. i had a seizure and haven't had a chance to get online or call anyone until now. phone screen totally broke in the process of said seizure.

i was really excited to play a show with someone i greatly admire. two people actually. two of my favorite musicians. i'm a little old to be pulling the middle school no-show so it's very embarrassing and upsetting for me too that i let people down. that's something i try very hard not to do and get really sad when i do.
Though lovers be lost love shall not.


chris clavin

I wasn't super pissed! I mean, I would be if there wasn't a good reason, but it seemed like there must have been some good reason since Ryan was texting me a few hours before the show and was excited about it!

I was really worried that something terrible must have happened, or that it was just a prank.