Super Cool Dog Dylan Needs a home!/funding for his fostering.

Started by Jordan, March 11, 2015, 01:09:35 PM

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I was sitting on the porch of my job two weeks ago when this kid walked up with a really cute dog.  Obviously I love dogs so I asked them if I could play with the pup and they said of course.  While I was playing with the dog the person spilled their guts to me about how the dog(dylan) was supposed to be a gift to their depressed friend and they had just driven all through the night to pick him up in georgia and then returned to tallahassee to find that the friend dylan was intended to be a gift for had committed suicide.  It's terribly tragic and awful and the person I talked to on the porch has recently been baker acted because they were threatening to jump in front of a train.  Dylan came into my care before that happened fortunately, but he was with this person for two days on the street before he was surrendered to me.  Dylan is a really sweet dog who has been through some shit lately,  I have no idea where he came from in georgia, but whoever had him there definitely abused him, thankfully his rehabilitation is going very well and he is back to loving most people.  He was just neutered and brought up to date on all of his shots, and is healthy and he's going to be looking for a home very soon.  So if you could share his picture with people you know who you think would be responsible dog owners or buy shit from my record label, which funds the dog rescue, your money is going directly to this pup.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.