Help me round out my portfolio to submit to tattoo school

Started by lindsey, November 26, 2014, 01:47:42 PM

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SO I'm applying for tattoo school next year!!!!

(just fyi - oregon has the strictest tattoo licensing in the country and requires that you receive formal training from a licensed school unless you have years of experience tattooing in another state. tattoo school if you plan to work in oregon is not optional, and the school i'm applying to is extremely professional, and legit! just a disclaimer, because i've had to explain it to people not familiar with the oregon licensing criteria, and people who went through traditional tattoo apprenticeships feel reeeal threatened when you talk about tattoo school. it is true - in most states it's basically a money making scheme, but in oregon it is basically like an art school, with a similar application process. okay cool!)

ANYWAY, I'm working on submitting my portfolio, and have a bunch of stuff that is about a year old from when I was in art classes and shit. but i want to have a few brand new pieces, and thought I might as well try my hand at some traditional tattoo styles, just to see what I'm already capable of. Drawing is taught at the school as well, so they're not expecting you to be perfect by any means... but I've drawn tattoo style shit for as long as I remember anyway, so why not.

My point is, give me ideas for tattoos to draw??


A dragon with three heads but all three heads are dicks a and he's riding a skateboard that says "say not to drugs!" And the skateboard is rocketpowered and the rocket smoke is skywriting "Radical!" Behind him
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Quote from: lindsey on November 26, 2014, 04:26:40 PM
oh ps i am not nate rainey
Is that what you are going to tell your tattoo school professor in Anthropomorphic Dick Tattoos 101, lindsey?!

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Quote from: lindsey on November 26, 2014, 04:26:40 PM
oh ps i am not nate rainey

A throbbing dick playing bass and drawing with a voice bubble reading, "Who do you think I am, Nate Rainey?!"



Maybe some different stuff to show that you're rounded? If you mostly draw figures, maybe some patterns, or vice versa? Sorry if that isn't much help.

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So here's this tattoo idea I've been toying with, but I'm finding it hard to fully visualize it or get it on paper (because I can't draw very well). Anyways, so it would be two cartoony portraits/paintings. One would have a dead/corpse bride and the other would be the dead/corpse groom. They would have blue-ish green-ish skin and would be somewhat rotting. Their painting-esque images would be within oval-shaped gold old-timey frames. And they would be facing each other?

It's kind of a doozy. I've been thinking about something like that for my thighs, but I don't want them until I can visualize them/have someone draw them out and, oh, have actual money I can spend on such a thing. Make sense?

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The only tattoo I've ever really wanted is a half sleeve or sleeve of Milo and Tock traversing through the Phantom Tollbooth. So I choose that.


A parrot with an eyepatch, with an pirate in his shoulder.

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