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is anyone interested in it, open to the possibility that it could pertain some inkling of truth and could help us do get a better understanding of ourselves and our compatibility?

I used to always find everything astrological fucking ridiculous and still think horoscopes are just some guy sitting around and their editor comes and just says "go ahead. just make some shit up. talk about money and love or some shit that the average stupid fuck wants to hear". However, my girlfriend is into it and was reading me about my birth chart and other characteristics associated with Geminis and a lot it rang eerily true of my nature and ways and thoughts. Sure it could be ambiguity and me believing what i want to believe and make myself but some of the stuff she showed me at least made me a tiny bit curious.
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I don't spend time researching it, but I enjoyed the conversations I've had with friends.  I liked looking at the star charts of when my different friends were born.  At the very least, serious astrology gets a person to look up and see where everything is in their night sky.  I agree with you on the newspaper horoscopes being dumb.

I'm open to the possibility.  Especially where electromagnetism enters.  All the planets and stars have magnetic fields (north poles/south poles).  and all the atoms have electron orbits with varying degrees of conductivity. And all this stuff is moving around in cycles.  I could imagine all these giant, moving magnetic objects interacting and interfering with each other, pushing and pulling on our electrons while we are being formed in the womb, generation after generation.

I'm not sure how anyone would qualitatively track its effect though.  Then again, our ancestors seemed more aware of celestial movements than most people today.


It's believed in rather heavily in California,  unfortunately one just has to put up with it living here.


I don't think I've ever met anyone, in California or otherwise, who seriously believes in it other than "for fun" or whatever.
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I went to a liberal arts university in Asheville, where lots of people in the community and at the university were into new age and astrology stuff. It got really old explaining, "No, I'm studying astrophysics not astrology" when I told people what I was getting my degree in.

So basically, no, I don't believe in it. Everything I've read about astrology is pseudoscience that seems to feed on the power of suggestion, .


Astrology to me is all 'great magnet' pseudo science, hooey, hogwash, bologna.  I have a friend who says his sign describes him perfectly.  I have an identical twin brother and we are VERY different.

It is power of suggestion.


I have a good friend who is really into astrology and tarot. When I asked her about it, she said she doesn't believe in them as tools to predict the future, but more as interesting ways to do self discovery and introspection. Like, it doesn't do anything magical in other words, it just helps you think abiut what you do and don't find to be on point so it is a tool to help you figure out how you feel. I thought that was pretty cool.


I watched an adult vehemently deny that it was possible to see other planets with the naked eye, after someone mentioned seeing Jupiter in the night sky.  So, I find it pretty difficult to be too upset with the astrologers in my neighborhood.  They are also the only folks I know that have ever invited me to watch meteor showers.


Quote from: pronetoaccidents on January 31, 2015, 08:57:02 AM
horoscopes are just some guy sitting around and their editor comes and just says "go ahead. just make some shit up. talk about money and love or some shit that the average stupid fuck wants to hear"

That's exactly how it went at my school's newspaper verbatim.

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kinda weird how the earth continues to spin on its axis and everything eventually dies even when you don't want it to dang