CDs and TAPES for free/sale

Started by Eugene, January 27, 2015, 10:13:28 AM

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Take half, all, or nothing. Good for labels, distro, or personal. It would be nice if you covered shipping, but don't hesitate if you can't afford this stuff and want it anyway.


Haruka - "Sanpaku" tape
Sleep Walk/Impulse "California Violence" 7"
High Ho Silver, Away!/Quick Attack CD
Chris Clavin/Kyle Hall CDR

And about 40ish random CDs and some zines too. CDs are all kinds of music (7 seconds, death cab for cutie, imperial can, pixies etc.). There also a spindle of about 40 CDRs as well.


I'd dig this, my car is running out of good CDs at the moment. I could pay like $20 for shipping/hassle. That being said wait 48 hours and if someone else wants it more by all means give it to them.


Sounds good, thanks! Do you want just CDs? or tapes too? and how about I send and then you can decided if ya want to pay 20 or just cover shipping. It shouldnt cost more than 10 bucks. Also, feel free to message me I dont know if this is an annying thread