Started by lindsey, February 11, 2015, 10:07:29 PM

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watched episode 1, the first 5 minutes had me giddy. stoked on this series, it could go so many cool places


i LOVE it, he is such a great dang character and every time i just get soooooooo happy for bob odenkirk for finally getting to be the STAR HE IS!!!!!!!


I really enjoy the show. The first five minutes had me really missing Breaking Bad. I realize it's not gonna be as good but that doesn't mean that it won't be really enjoyable. Everytime I see Saul and Chuck, I think of the law school sketch from Mr Show that features both (Bob plays a law student and Michael McKean plays the professor....good sketch).
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Having said that, I'd rather listen to Papa Roach than GG Allin

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I enjoy it but I actually could have done with less Breaking Bad-ness. The Tuco stuff was easily my least favorite aspect of the first two episodes. I want it to be like a courtroom version of Terriers following some new case each week with a creeping overall arc on the season, and less "biznatch."