if you won the lotto what would you do with the scratch?

Started by pronetoaccidents, January 09, 2015, 10:47:06 AM

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I'd buy a house on the west coast, way up in oregon, probably eugene. I'd want to build a treehouse and in that treehouse would be my studio. I'd buy all the equpiment necessary to make a state of the art studio and put all my heart and soul into making an album, an epic album, epic on the scope of In the Aeroplane over the Sea and Beatles White Album, only it wouldn't be as good (obviously) but it would be mine and i want to make these songs.

I'd use my free time (since I wouldn't have to work) to write and draw comics, make stories, books. I would help those in need. Find reputable charities and donate.

I'd do that expensive rapid detox thing and get the methadone and xanax outta my system once and for all.

I'd get a community space going. Something with a skatepark, venue, workshops on writing and music and activism, have AA and NA meetings there and offer help to addicts, and allow others to give suggestions and heed them if they are good. Maybe start a publishing company.

I know a lot of those things can be done without winning the lotto. In fact almost all of them. I dunno. So lemme really think of something stupid and unneccesary that i'd splurge on..

Probably some rare comics, rare records. I'd find good people who need student loans paid off and do it for them so they can embark on their future with a weight lifted.

Oh and I'd buy all the equpiment necessary to make films. It's something I've wanted to get into for quite some time but it seems like you need a lotta bread to do it.

and I'd buy myself a buncha awesome fucking guitars.

and unfourtantely some drugs probably.

and then i'd be broke and back here.

how bout you?
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Selfishly: Quit my job and go to school for everything, because I love learning and making and talking with same kinda foks.

Altruism(?): Free public WiFi broadband everywhere that wants it and ad-free "YouTube" forever.  (The internet is an academic leveling field.)

Eccentric Villain: Purchase huge corporate real estate areas, demolish them, and turn them into wilderness. 
...and maybe create a media storm on Fox News telling them that I plan to release real-life bulls and bears onto the floor of the stock exchanges, after the media gets upset with my real estate demolishing hobby.

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pay back student loans and eat more than one meal a day


Quit my job, go back to school, buy a modest house and make sure my boo and my family is taken care of.  I'd make sure to donate a good amount to good causes.  I'd travel.


Just throw it all on the pile of cash I already have.

ho-hum, another multimillion.
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buy a house, get a new car, set up a grant program for social justice-minded businesses and activities, and continue life exactly as it is now.


pay off mine and my boo's student loan debts, buy us a rad, spacious apartment or house, and cars? basically just buy the normal life we would have if not for crippling debt and a terrible housing market.



Music equipment for myself and my friends; education; regular living expenses (though probably nothing ritzy); and try to do some responsible philanthropy.



I've always dreamt of having a theme park named after me, Cope-land. I'd maybe give free admission to people with recently deceased loved ones (just for the sake of being punny). I'd also have to give free admission to some other people to cheer the sad people up. Maybe it could be a punk-themed park. (some ride ideas would be a Sonic Reducer theme, a ride based on Bad Religion's 'You', maybe one ride involves having fake GG Allin shit fly past you)

Realistically I'd buy a house, a car, all that boring stuff.


Pay off student loans and mortgage. Buy a house out here for my mom and tickets so she could visit here as much as she wanted. Travel. Invest enough so Jer and I wouldn't have to work any more. Donate the rest to a few different things.

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Depending on how much: pay off some student loans, move somewhere else, donate to abortion funds, buy the rights and re-release out-of-print Young Pioneers albums.


As an anarchist with a lot of money, I'm going to drive ninety-five miles an hour down the road tossing illegal, invasive species of snakes from my car while texting and fraudulently doing my taxes.

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kinda weird how the earth continues to spin on its axis and everything eventually dies even when you don't want it to dang


Anti-Creative Records sells some things.


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As an anarchist with a lot of money, I'm going to drive ninety-five miles an hour down the road tossing illegal, invasive species of snakes from my car while texting and fraudulently doing my taxes.

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I'm an anarchist, but I'm not going to drive ninety-five miles an hour down the road tossing illegal, invasive species of snakes from my car while texting and fraudulently doing my taxes.


Quit teaching forever (would probably require me to buy out the rest of my teaching contract, as well). Pay for therapy/treatment to undo as much some of the psychological damage caused by my time as a teacher. Go back to school for poli-sci. Or something, anything else.

Leave Georgia. Sell my house. Buy a house elsewhere.

Give my wife whatever she needs to start her own cat rescue-sanctuary type-ordeal and pay her to do it so she can quit her awful job at the vet's.

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Signature get.


Anti-Creative Records sells some things.


I would pay Nate to draw Jer paying Nate to fart more.


ugh, I would just get out of debt.

Then buy a nice deering banjo haha.


First off, I wouldn't tell anyone, aside from my parents and significant other.

Pay off my student loans and go back to school for my doctorate.
Give money to my friends' projects and initiatives. 
Buy my close relatives that I actually like some nice things for putting up with me for all these years.
Buy a house.
Get a new (used) car to replace my falling apart one.
Get some more recording stuff.
Finally get my wisdom teeth yanked out.
Release the new Rio de la Muerte album.
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Having said that, I'd rather listen to Papa Roach than GG Allin

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I would exponentially clone RankResistance, Jer, and Nate, setting in motion a perpetual machine of Nate drawing Jer paying Nate to live Nate's own dream of farting more, until humanity is brought to the brink of extinction by a world overpopulated with farting Nate clones and anthropomorphic penis drawings, leaving the world dreaming of the simpler times of when we were all living paycheck to paycheck.