nobody here mentions dead moon, are you unaware of their brilliance or don't dig

Started by pronetoaccidents, January 09, 2015, 10:35:49 AM

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i posted a similiar thread a bit back but their was no response and the greatest rock n roll band in the world deserves more respect than that so i'm giving it another run.

because they are by far the greatest rock n roll band ever. the singer, has been playing music since the 60s. his early band the lollipop shoppe and the weeds had tracks on the seminal nuggets compilation.

They are described in an article as such.. "Dead Moon's music is a blend of dark '60s garage with punk rock; It was described by Robert Christgau as sounding "like the 13th Floor Elevators without the clinical dementia". Their early records, In the Graveyard, Unknown Passage, and Defiance, appeared on the band's own Tombstone Records, named for the music store Cole and Toody operated in Clackamas, Oregon. Cole mastered these records on a mono lathe from the 1950s that had been used for The Kingsmen's version of "Louie Louie"."

however i'd describe them as neil young (also maybe the AC/DC singer too) fronting a band of troglydtes hopped all up on dexedrine, embodying the pain and passion of the blues, the primative and savageness of rocknroll (lil richard style) and the fury and driving force of punk rock. Their music makes me think of whiskey, desperation, the desert, open roads, bottles upon bottles upon bottles, regret, and despite it all hope and beauty. All his early bands are worth checking out if you're into 60s punk.. The Weeds, The Lollipop Shoppe, Wheezagle, Zipper, King Bee, The Rats, Western Front, Range Rats, Dead Moon, and most recently Piercing Arrows. He has played with and is married to Toody Cole, the bassist and lyricist as well forever and they are madly in love and it's beautiful. His early band the Rats, came right when punk was becoming a "thing" and he took a break from garage rock to do that and put out a brilliant record, only to abandon it and do straight forward Country Western with the Western Front.

Anyhow, if you have never listened to Dead Moon, do it. You will not regret it. It will change the way you see rock n roll. I divided it into two categories. The soul crushing, steel toed boot to the face that sends a few teeth outta your mouth flying (and mind you this isn't hardcore, or what you would really call "punk". it's garage rock but it's not garage.. just listen and you'll see.. you'll see) and the mellow, beautiful, haunting ditties that could of been radio hits if it wasn't for coles distinctive voice.

HEAVY heavy, brutal, so fucking rock n roll it's absurd. manic, madness, desperation, like someone about to explode and go on a shooting spree who says white man can't sing the blues? could seen screaming jay hawkins belting out this boogie

SOFTLY a beautiful, haunting, gorgeously wrapped gift to the world. i never get tired of hearing it and it could be the soundtrack to driving lonely roads with a head fulla regrets. it's the musical embodiment of the desert. sparse, minimal but with endless depth and meaning. so sad, tragic. you just hear his voice dripping with emotion. begging, pleading, like we all do. When you would trade anything in the world, would trade you're soul for a chance to go back a little bit in time and make some changes. waiting on a dusty road, thumb stuck out, thinking about your life, your desires, broken dreams, lost lovers, think of how if all the cigarettes you've smoked where gathered together it'd form a mountain proof of the existence of god - toody, beautiful toody cole. her voice is so chillingly beautiful on this elvis cover song. it's haunting. she's truly a siren beckoning me over.


start from there. and leave no stones unturned. every song is a hit.
Though lovers be lost love shall not.


yeah, Fred and Toody are rad.  I've seen a couple of their live shows and they don't disappoint.  True DIY lifers.

A nice cross of Neil Young and Link Wray... earthy, raw, road-worn anthems.


Dead Moon is awesome! Haha although this is probably your fifth Dead Moon appreesh thread between the old and new boards

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