What was the first song you learned on guitar (or instrument of choice)

Started by AaronTheCabe, December 18, 2014, 04:40:51 PM

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I'm not counting piano and trumpet, piano i had lessons in and trumpet i played in the band. But when i finally picked up my geek fiddle, my first song was Alice in Chains - Nutshell, specifically the acoustic set as seen back when MTV played music:

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Nirvana-Come as You Are. Almost everyone I know learned that song as one of their first. Green Day-Brain Stew was second.
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First songs I learned on bass as a teenager (I don't remember which one was the very first):

Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young
Psycho Killer by Talking Heads
Boxcar by Jawbreaker
Fucked Reality by Choking Victim


Toad The Wet Sprocket - Walk On The Ocean on bass. My dad was learning it for his band, so I asked him to teach me.
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Green Day's "Welcome to Paradise".

I mean,  technically, the first song I learned how to play was something in a Mel Bay chord book but the aforementioned song was the one where I was like "Oh, I can play a song now. In fact, I know how to do all that I'm ever going to need to know how to do." To be quite honest, my skill set in the past 15 years has not really advanced too awfully far beyond what I learned that first year.


This is not the first piece I learned on piano, but it's the piece I played at my first recital when I was 9.



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was it the extended vocal solo when he stopes the bullet i midair when he stars speaking in tongues?
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ACDC - Back in Black (I'm not proud of this)

no need to be ashamed of ACDC. people try to make you think their is but they are actually rocknrolll and metal as shit.

i was classically trained on piano at like 5 or 6 so my first song is probably not nearly as cool at all.. say Beethoven Concerto in G Major.

but when i started shredding axe the very first song i learned to play was, like everyone elses seeming gateway drug, a beatles song. but my guitar teaches was an interesting and eclectic man. a recovering alcoholic, claims to have played behind his head before hendrix, really could shred a mean axe like no ones business, he was really fucked up in a gax explosion in his eyes which really limited his mobility when i met him. but he helped me alot. we talked. we became friends. he ruled. he would pick the most random songs. one week i'd do neil young ohio then Crazy Train, Dire Straights, Stairway ( I was pretty thrilled when i learned that. i wasl ike 14 and that was the coolest shit to me).. anyway.. yeah. nostalgia. i hope hes alive. his name is jake. greatest man i ever knew
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