Name a Movie You Hate That Everyone Else Seems to Love

Started by CrackyMcCrackerson, December 11, 2014, 11:46:48 AM

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Anna Karina


Yeah, dazed and confused is a pretty damn good movie, not anywhere close to favorite, but how could you hate it?


People acting surprised that other people are mentioning movies they like in a thread titled "Name a movie you hate that everyone else seems to love"

Anna Karina


I don't know. It could just because I've seen it so many times, often against my wishes. I think I just got burnt out on it. I could give it another try. I find some of the characters pretty annoying including some that I don't believe are supposed to be annoying. I feel like the main freshman in the movie was miscast.

I guess hate would be the wrong word. I just kind of feel "meh" about it.
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I listed that movie the last time this thread came around and also received tons of flack from Brett about it, so I decided to opt out this time.
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squid and the whale. it was aiiiiiight, but that's bout it.

hmm.. that silence of sleep shit? is that the name even? sucked sweaty and strangely beauty mark and scarred balls.

I was in a huge horror comedy phase and everyone kept saying Reanimator, Reanimator, Reanimator, RE-FUCKING-ANIM-FUCK-ATOR and i saw it and it wasn't anything special. I'd take Street Trash, Basketcase, Brain Damage, Return of the Living Dead or the classic Dead Alive over that anyday. yeah, it wasn't really worth shit.

oh and Itchi the Killer. I wasn't worth it. I don't give a flying fuck about the violence. I LOVE cinematic carnage but it just wasn't that good of a movie. maybe if i had never heard of it and was stoned and at home flipping through channels and found it with a clear perpsective totally devoid of bias i would of enjoyed it more, but no dice. same with, )as i previously said early on and no one noticed and brought it up afterwards and stole my thunder!!! Boondocks saints. Not that good of a movie but any means. ) such was the case. Old Boy (the original, not the horrendous Spike Lee Joint.

Also I went through a phase, i dunno, around 19-21sh where i wanted to watch the most disturbing, depraved movies imaginable. I did all the requiste homework (good searches, the Amazon/CDnow lists that were big around then) and i thought i had the jist of em all. i went through the gamit, Cannibal Holocaust, Wizard of Gore, henry portrait of a serial killer, Susperia, Salo, irreversible, I Spit on Your Grave, Gummo (again, most disturbing and arthouse but i dunno, it was on the lists and i was impressionable), Make them die Slowly, Un Chein Indeleau. Didn't get around to Mordum, Blood Feast and Begotten. And while I don't know if they considered them good movies people buy them and watch them a lot so i guess the consesus amongst society is that they are good and i found just a handfull to me a memorable, and a VERY select few to my favs of all time.
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