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Started by Semi, July 03, 2014, 05:28:35 AM

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It's not as hyped as Cheerwine, but I've never seen it east of Arizona.

Do you guys have Tahitian Treat over there?  I think that was Dr P. / Snapple Group's answer to CC for us East Coasters.

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Man, I love Tahitian Treat!  The Save-a-lot in my hometown used to have a knock off version of it called Waikiki Punch that managed to somehow be even more delicious for only 29 cents per two liter.  My friends and I would always take it to quiz bowl meets in high school.


Awh man!  I remember Waikiki Punch.  Save-a-lot has some great names for their sodas: Mountain Holler (and variant Red Howl), Bubba Cola, Tubz Root Beer
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I haven't seen it out this way, but I'm definitely not paying as much attention as you are, to be fair. I'm not as good of a connoisseur.
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Honestly, I'm not sure I've experienced a huge hype over Cheerwine besides how much I love it. Most of the people I talk to about it say, "Oh yeah, that's a good soda" or they haven't heard of it. For me, it's made right near where I grew up and it was a huge part of my childhood when my dad and I would walk to the general store and buy Cheerwine in a glass bottle.

You probably don't see the hype as much because you grew up in an area in which Cheerwine was pretty commonplace and seen around a lot.  For us East Coasters, I think of it in relation to Cactus Cooler.  I remember hearing about how awesome Cactus Cooler was for years, but never had the chance to try it because it's even more impossible to find on the East Coast than Cheerwine is on the West Coast.  When I finally tried it in Santa Barbara a few years ago, I was pretty underwhelmed.  It was good, but not the-best-soda-I've-ever-had-and-will-ever-have good like it had been hyped up to me.

When you boil it all down and remove all of the emotional associations with it, unless you get it in a glass bottle, Cheerwine's just another HFCS soda that happens to be decently tasty and also decently hard to find.

That makes sense. For the area I grew up in, Cheerwine is just always there so it's hard to hype it up when it's not something hard to find.

Anyways, I checked the grocery store near my parents' house and they didn't have the Holiday Cheerwine, but I'll be searching for it elsewhere either today or tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll just mix ginger ale and Cheerwine and make my own.


Cool soda company out of Durham, NC.  "Wolf" is the name of their sarsaparilla.  Delicious!

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