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tell me things to do there, if you know of them?

i'm heading down in feb for a week and a half around the LA zine fest, although will mostly be staying around the bay area/santa cruz. interested in primarily queer things and vegan things, but also interested in any cool things and probably regular tourist things i guess.

p.s. hi brett

Anna Karina


Vegan things kinda ruins my recommendations a bit since the majority of my recommendations are restaurants that probably don't have many, if any, options. But I'll go ahead and post them for future reference of anyone else coming to LA I guess.

Shopping & Touristy stuff:
Griffith Observatory (cool views looking over the entirety of Los Angeles, I recommend going there just before sunset)
Museum of Jurassic Technology (so weird. some of the people I was with hated this place, others loved it. Myself, I enjoyed the trailer park dioramas the most)
The Getty
Mono Records
Freakbeat Records
Amoeba Records
The Echo/Echoplex (some really fun shows here, might search and see what's playing while you're here. Also really enjoy shows at
Hotel Cafe and
The Wiltern but I don't go out to many shows really. Seems like they're usually at the Echo when I do though)

Bottle shops:
Sunset Beer Co.
K&L Wines
Bill's Liquor
Cap N' Cork
Valley Beverage
Wally's Wine & Spirits
Vendome Beverly Hills
Vendome Toluca Lake

Bars & Restaurants:
Highland Park Brewery (current favorite LA brewery, just opened up a few months ago and I really most of the beers I've tried from them, plus good tap list of other beers. Also has bar food, possibly some vegan, not sure)
Beachwood BBQ & Brewing (my favorite brewery in California, amazing, fresh beer, really good food though I don't know what vegan options there are, probably some since the menu is big. But the beer, oh, the beer. Also it's in Long Beach)
R Bar (really cool bar, have seen a lot of bluegrass/folk punk bands here, but sometimes has a douchey crowd, speakeasy vibe and need password that's easy to find online to get in)
Villains Tavern (really cool bar, old fashioned vibes, some fun bands, beer from mason jars)
Mohawk Bend (72 beers on tap! I think there are some vegan items, not positive. Have gone there with my pescetarian friend multiple times. but also 72 beers on tap!)
Tony's Darts Away
Red Lion (German beergarden, good beer selection, awesome food, if you're there at the right time there's this awesome dude who does cover songs on an old fashioned piano)
Spring St. Bar
Beer Belly (highly doubt there's anything vegan friendly here, but really good albeit tiny beer selection and bonus points because it's right by where I live)
Blue Palms Brewhouse
The Pub at Golden Road
The Glendale Tap
Ye Rustic Inn
38 Degrees Ale House
Black Market Liquor Bar
Ladyface Ale Companie (a little out of the way, but really underrated place with fantastic beer and some fun food to go with it, probably some vegan options)
The Surly Goat
The Daily Pint (no food but can order delivery from nearby restaurants to the bar, extensive whiskey and beer list)
Venice Ale House
The Brewery at Abigaile
Bottle Logic Brewing
Naja's Place
Parks BBQ
Guisado's (ridiculously good fusion Mexican food, not sure about vegan options though)
Kang Hodong Baekjeong
Little Bear Beer Café
Langer's Delicatessen
Cole's French Dips
Berlin Currywurst
Son of a Gun

Will try and add more descriptions and more places as I think of them later, but cat currently laying on hand and unable to type well)

Anna Karina

Also, I have no idea what constitutes "queer things" tbh.

Anna Karina

Also, for NorCal breweries I highly recommend Russian River and Almanac.

So San Diego breweries, Alpine, Societe, Green Flash, and Stone, though there are like 70 and almost all of them I've been to are great.


I live in San Francisco and happy to show you around.


Vegan things!

Veggie Grill. It's a small chain and they're all over Southern California, at least. Not sure about NorCal. Buffalo Bomber kale-style is the best
Mitasie 3. It's actually in Huntington Beach, but it's the best damn vegan Vietnamese food ever.
Native Foods. Also a small chain all over SoCal.
Stuff I Eat. I think it's in Culver City, so South LA-ish
Sage. I'm not sure what part of LA it's in, but they catered Hug a Farm Animal Day at Farm Sanctuary and it was awesome
Babycakes. Vegan bakery yumminess
The Donuttery. Again, it's in Huntington Beach, but they have vegan donuts they are yummy
There's also a place that has vegan food and a whole bunch of board games that one of my friends went to. Board Game Haus or something? Pretty sure Haus is in the name.

Also, seconding Griffith Observatory, The Getty, The Echo/Echoplex for shows, and Amoeba. I might also add the La Brea Tar Pits. It's in the same park area as the LA County Museum of Art (LACMA), which unfortunately I didn't get to go to but it seemed neat.

Anna Karina



Are you going to San Diego?


Even though I've lived in LA and the Bay, Santa Cruz is still where it's at in my opinion....Charlie Hong Kong ( has awesome vegan food and atmosphere, and there's a sweet vegan diner downtown, which also has a location in Berkeley (  Also, SC is great if you have any interest in alternative healing or anything like that.


Souley Vegan - Vegan soul food. Chicken-fried seitan, mac cheese, and greens. So good.
Flacos Tacos - Vegan "street tacos." Mmm.
Great Wall - Simple Chinese take-out but vegetarian. Cheap, fast, delish.
Saturn - (Also one in Santa Cruz). Burgers and stuff. Used to be p good.
Neecha Thai - Regular Thai food w/lots of veg options. Honey BBQ Gluten is awesome.
NoNo Burger/Hella Vegan Eats - Food trucks, if you can find them.
Black Spring Coffee - owned by a friend, radical/queer friendly, all pastries are vegan.
Cinnaholic - Vegan Cinnabun, basically.
Ships in the Night - queer dance night, always a benefit for something (happens monthly?) at New Parish in downtown oakland

San Francisco:
Underdog - way out in the Sunset neighborhood (hard to get to), but delicious (veg & reg) hot dogs. Lots of choices, kinda spensive.
Big Lantern - cheap, veg & reg Chinese food
Source - Lots of food styles (pizza, sandwiches, fries, etc), all veg.
Jays Cheesesteak - veg offerings.

Santa Cruz:
Saturn - again.
SubRosa - an anarchist library thing. they do shows n shit
Pier - look at sea lions, aww.


this is great everyone, thanks! i will definitely note down some of these and try and check them out. eugene i don't think we will be going to san jose, no...

brett did you still want to hang? i remember you telling me like two years ago that you wanted to hang, haha.

Anna Karina

I'm definitely down for hanging out, though I currently work nights which can be difficult for me to plan around, so I'll have to schedule around that.


probably a long shot i know, but i don't suppose anyone is driving from bay area to LA for the LA zine fest?