Started by rory, November 27, 2014, 10:07:22 AM

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Even though it is very much winter where I'm living, I bought a nice pair of cleats while thrifting yesterday, and now I have summer sports on the brain. Last year a few friends and I started practicing Hurling/Camogie, and though I didn't end up joining our local (very small) team last year, I'm probably going to do so this year. I've never been particularly team-sport oriented, both in watching or playing, but I really like the skill and pace of this one. I always feel really good after I go out and practice for a bit. In middle school I was on our very small track and field team for sprinting, but beyond that I have never done any sports.

Do any of you play anything, or wish you did? Now that I'm 25 I can feel myself getting doughy, though I've spent so much of my life being relatively strong/fit without any effort. Seems that now, effort is going to be required if I'd like to be able to keep up any level of activity.
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