two punx bands on tour, help?

Started by Eugene, August 13, 2014, 02:31:46 PM

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Thursday, December 4th --- Tuscon, AZ @ The District Tavern

Friday, December 5th --- Phoenix, AZ @ Funny-World

Saturday, December 6th --- Los Angeles, CA @ Glitter Death

Sunday, December 7th --- Santa Barbara, CA @ Biko Infoshop

Monday, December 8th --- Santa Cruz, CA

Tuesday, December 9th --- Arcata, CA @ The Birdhouse

Wednesday, December 10th --- Eugene, OR

Thursday, December 11th --- Olympia, WA @ palace flophouse

Friday, December 12th --- Cheney, WA

Saturday, December 13th --- Spokane, WA @ Mars

Sunday, December 14th --- Seattle, WA @ Full Tilt Icecream

Monday, December 15th --- Portland, OR @ The Placenter

Tuesday, December 16th --- Corvallis, OR @ Interzone

Wednesday, December 17th --- Oakland, CA

Thursday, December 18th --- San Luis Obispo

Friday, December 19th --- San Diego, CA @ The Dawg House



If you were coming to Florida I'd totally help ya out.



updated. brett, will we finally meet?

just need help with santa cruz and san luis obispo or surrounding areas if anyone knows anyone or wants to hang.