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Started by Drewcifer, December 09, 2014, 11:23:05 AM

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I am currently job searching and my girlfriend and I have discussed possibly leaving Philadelphia and moving to a new city..
I would like some suggestions.

Ideally we would like to stay on the East coast, but open to other locations. Make a case for it ;-)

NYC is out of the question and so is most southern states (I tried my hand at living in the south.. dont want to do that again.)


Maybe you just didn't live in the right places in the south because Asheville and Atlanta are the best. Asheville's job market is pretty sad, though. Only tourism and service industry jobs that don't pay well.

DC is fun, but I've never lived there.

I'm moving back to Southern California and am pretty stoked on it, but it's super super expensive. San Diego is awesome, though. LA is insanity. Orange County has some pretty neato parts, though, like Costa Mesa.

I still want to move to Denver or Boulder, CO. It's beautiful there and very bike-friendly.


Athens is also a really cool southern state, but I guess its so close to Atlanta that toy could really live anywhere around there. Just about anywhere is Florida is awesome, Pensacola, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Orlando, etc.


I'm from Florida and lived all over the state, so to me the only acceptable places there are Gainesville and Tampa. Orlando is godawful with tourists, Pensacola is forever away from anywhere else, same for Tallahassee. While I love Gainesville, the job market is rough due to the university churning out grads who love Gainesville and want to stay. Cost of living is cheap, though, maybe $600 or so for a good 2 bedroom. Tampa has a better job market, but is also more crowded. There's definitely some cool stuff going on there, though. Cost of living is higher, but not too bad. I think the last time I looked it was about 7 or 800 for a decent 2 bedroom.

I'm currently in Norfolk, VA. Don't come here. It's not terrible, but I would be back in Gainesville if not for my job.


Quote from: Courtney on December 10, 2014, 10:24:54 AM

I'm currently in Norfolk, VA. Don't come here. It's not terrible, but I would be back in Gainesville if not for my job.

Haha, for a split second I thought about suggesting Norfolk, but was like "Nah, it's not great here."


Sf/oakland/bay area is pretty rad. It ain't cheap but Job market is good and pretty rad to live in.

Where ever you go I highly recommend living somewhere without snow and where you don't need a car, it makes life so much better.


I like the snow. I have a car, though I rarely use it.. I live biking distance from where I work now.
I used to live in Charleston, SC.. for 6 months.. I hated it.. the winter was nice, but Summer came and It.Was.Brutal.. I can't stand that type of humidity.. which is why I really don't want to go south.

My stipulations for destinations is:
Good job market for my field (which is Graphic Design)
Bike Polo (I know this is a pretty silly one, but it's a big part of my life and I really don't want to sacrifice it.)

Destinations my girlfriend (Carley) and I talked about previously were

If we were to move to the south:
Tampa (Carley's parents live under an hour away)
Richmond VA (this considered south? I dont know..)

Staying in the North East:
DC (this is her first choice, since part of her childhood was in Alexandria)
Pittsburgh (I really want to move to Pittsburgh, her.. not so much)

Some midwest options we considered:
Chicago (I dont really want to move here, but I'm open to it)

Places we DO NOT want to move
Anything north of NYC
Anywhere in the Carolinas

Places I think might be fun places to live but are unlikely:
Austin (though I hate the thought of living in Texas)

I Included the midwest options because we talked about it, but Carley really doesn't want to move away from the east coast because all of her family is on the east coast.


Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy, I think it's safe to say it's the South. It's like Gainesville, though, in that it's a mostly liberal place with a lot of neat stuff going on. Only being a couple hours from DC is pretty nice, too.