Kyle Hall fans, help!

Started by mama, October 24, 2016, 11:42:55 AM

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Hey, I'm trying to archive Kyle's discography. I'm missing some albums and some I have but I'm missing the song titles. If you can help in anyway please get in touch! Pm or

Also if you are selling any physical copies, I'll buy!

I'd really appreciate it!



I have the self titled vinyl record where the kid is on the front I'd part with.

What's the deal with (chris)/plan-it-x selling left over stuff these days? Do they have any old inventory still? If they don't I'm sure he gave the left overs to Kyle, so maybe try reaching out to the source and seeing what he might have.


I have probably most/all of it. I would talk to kyle first though? might be something he wants to be forgotten about. are you trying to archive physical copies or just the music itself?


I guess physical and/or just the music. I'm just a big fan. And I wouldn't redistribute without Kyle's consent.


Sorry ma (I forgot to take out the trash)

Can't help but make replacements references in life.

I gotta get acquainted with the repertoire
Though lovers be lost love shall not.