share your favorite childrens books

Started by pronetoaccidents, September 09, 2014, 06:27:28 PM

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stinky cheese man was mine. that was so awesome.
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I read sooo much when I was little. When i was a little older I got pretty into The Baby Sitter's Club for a long time. But I started reading "adult" books in like 5th/6th grade so most of my favorite kids books I discovered when I was an adult, or at least a teenager, and most of my favorite non-childrens books I discovered when I was like 12-15. I think the one adult book I was most obsessed with when I was really young was Ishmael.


i was really into a book called "the day my butt went psycho" it was just full of butt things. i reread it every few years i guess.

i'm trying to think of other books but it's really all just butts. i read, like, harry potter and shit. and scary stories to tell in the dark, and, fucking, captain underpants.
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