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Started by Anna Karina, August 11, 2014, 11:58:13 PM

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Quote from: Courtney on July 10, 2018, 12:37:24 PM
Do you not want to see them at all, or just not in general social settings?

That is a good question.  I typically don't want to see them at all when I get depressed. I feel like I can't relate to my friends and that they can't relate to me... even if it isn't reality. 

I do show up for my band practices, but that is fairly spiritual for me, and I don't know if I think of my bandmates as friends, since we only get together to play music and we don't really interact outside of rehearsals and performances. I do mention my depression to one of my bandmates in a matter of fact way, like "yeah, I've kind of been battling depression for a few weeks, but I'm eating right and getting exercise now that I'm aware I'm in it, so if I seem quiet tonight it is because I'm just trying to wade through it."

As I get older my depression gets milder, but not necessarily less dark.  I think I've just gotten better at self-talk and acceptance.  When I'm in it, it doesn't feel like it will pass and that there is no hope, lol, but I have enough experience with it to know that it does pass.  I don't take prescriptions meds, because I'm afraid I will abuse them (it runs in my family).

Ultimately, I'm ok with how I deal with my depression, I just struggle with maintaining some of my friendships, because I stop responding to invitations for awhile... and sometimes I just cut a person out because they clearly don't get it, even though I've attempted to explain it. Thanks for your thoughts, Courtney. I'm happy you are in a positive place.


ya know, after hearing bout Robin Williams, hearing bout his depression and such, it makes me think of my own depression and the battle us with depression face. Its a never ending battle, trying not be sad when you are, trying to be happy when your not, even treatment doesnt make it go away completely. No matter what, we fight this battle every day. Doesnt matter how rich ya are, the wife you have, or anything. It affects decision making sometimes and who we act towards people. So to those fighting this battle with me, Robin went through it too but watching his movies if there is anything I can take from him is this. Ive always one to make others happy, and he did just that, he was more then just an actor and a comedian, but he struggled with us through this even trying to get help. so dont give up out there, we are not alone, we work through this together because only we can understand each other. thats all