is it messed up to complain about your neighbor to the prop. mgmt company?

Started by lindsey, August 13, 2014, 09:53:56 PM

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or will it accomplish anything??

this woman moved in next door and she is wasted all the time - not sure on what but it's probably painkillers or something along those lines? she doesn't have meth teeth or anything, just very vacant, slurs a lot, etc. she never leaves the apartment, yells at the top of her lungs on the phone for hours a day using incredibly foul language (there are kids running around outside who are definitely in earshot), tonight she's been listening to an ipod (I GUESS - there is no actual music playing) and singing LITERALLY at the top of her lung since i got home 3 hours ago. I don't even know how she still has a voice she's singing so loud. Our walls are concrete blocks and I NEVER hear my other neighbors. She chain smokes in her doorway and has left cigarette butts scattered all over the walkway and into my doorway. If i leave my window open (which is pretty necessary since i don't have ac) my apartment smells like cigarettes for days. (sidenote that i couldn't actually complain about but she's outside ALL THE TIME and basically latches on like a starving puppy and she tries to talk to you because she is desperate for attention i guess). I UNDERSTAND she probably has mental health issues, she told my boyfriend the first day she moved in that she's suing her ex-fiance for causing her to miscarry triplets... which is really sad if it's true and really really fucked up to say if it's not (which is the direction i'm leaning), i want to be sensitive to that but she is also driving me NUTS. I'm not calling the cops for a noise violation or anything... can i do ANYTHING? I've started taking random recordings of her yell/screaming....

normally i'm suuuuuuper chill about this stuff but holy shit it is incessant!



Have you talked to her directly? Although, I'm sure that would quickly escalate and/or accomplish absolutely nothing.

In your situation, I'd have no qualms about making a written complaint to the property manager. I'm sure they don't want a drugged up chain smoker outside advertising how great it is to live there when new tenants come to check it out, so it might accomplish something.

There's also the passive aggressive approach, in which you leave anonymous notes on her door like "NO ONE FUCKING LIKES YOUR SHITTY SINGING. SHUT UP."


That situation sounds so shitty.  I had a similar one and I ended-up moving. 

Your results will likely depend on the culture of the entire apartment complex.  If she is the only tenant behaving that way, then the management company might be afraid of losing you and other good tenants.  If the whole complex is a wreck and there are cigarette butts in every stairwell, then they may not really care whether you stay or go.

edit:  This reminds me of the other poster who called animal control on his neighbor and then said neighbor started dumping trash in his yard.  Let's hope it doesn't go there. 


If it's obvious that her behavior is effecting your apartment specifically, and not much of the complex, she might piece it together and be particularly shitty to you.

I'd say calling the management company is probably a good idea anyway, but I've never dealt with an actual management company, just hilarious, bumbling landlords.
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Yeah, you probably know way better than us how decent (or not) your landlord/prop management co. is, and if they're not total shitbags it wouldn't be wrong to talk about it with them if talking to the neighbor directly is out of the question.
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I was in the basement of a building with two other apartments. The one next door to me had these guys who dealt drugs, had crazy parties, and often times fights broke out. The girl across the hall complained to the landlord several times and the guys finally got evicted. From my understanding (at least in NC) getting an eviction notice is a bit difficult, so that's probably why it took so long (also: I don't know if you're familiar with Leslie and Assoc from living in Asheville, Lindsey, but they really don't give a shit about their properties or tenants anyway).

Anyways, to give a time frame: They were living there before I moved in and were evicted a month before my year-long lease was up. Your situation is a bit different, though, since she might have some mental health issues going on. These were just some dumb annoying guys.

I don't see a harm in bringing it up to the property management just to see how they handle these situations and what your options are. Like Courtney said, they might not want her hanging around deterring potential residents from moving in.