what do you want out of life?

Started by pronetoaccidents, August 02, 2014, 09:30:09 AM

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i want to keep my loved ones in a little jar, like fireflies, so no one can hurt them. and i want to be a professor someday. i'm a plumbers helper now and i'd like to learn more and become a plumber as well to make some money to support my dreams and endeavors.. i want to publish my stories and comics. i want to record all the songs i've written and will write. i want to tell stories to anyone who will listen. i want to invent some words. shakespeare made up tons and i want to make a few myself. i want to find happiness and when i discover to key to it i want to share that with people who aren't happy. i want to live free, which means rid myself of my various addictions (methadone,xanax,nicotine). i want to start a tape label and release my friends music, our old high school punk bands that stand the test of time, random people playing guitar in the subways the troubadours... i want life "to be a beautiful and passionate affair and not a tired old marriage" (that's some random quote from some random movie i saw a preview for last night that struck something in me".

how about you guys?
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I play accordian/guitar and sing together with my girlfriend who plays ukulele in our band Lagom, we sing songs about the internal contradictions of capital and watching Rupauls Dragrace.

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I just want to make a living doing something I enjoy, and be able to live in a sweet little house with a long, wooded driveway, lit by gaudy christmas lights.
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Passable veggie bacon. I don't even like bacon, I just want to know it can be done.
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Oh, well you have to give up on the whole eye contact thing and just get into a comfortable position, and maybe use some chapstick.
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Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back breakfast


Finally get my certification, which would mean having a stable job I love doing and pays well. A partner who is all the things I want and need. A kid or two, one day.


Be a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (I'm filling out the form), have far less anxiety, have a stable job with consistent clients, get married by the end of the year and have a happy marriage, be a good step-father to my fiancee's children, be a good and supportive husband, get physically healthy (I NEED insurance), and help my clients.
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Like Gatsby, I want to repeat the past.

With so many people on here talking about their desire to have a career and/or to be financially stable, I'm in no real position to say anything because I have both of those things. However, I would like a steady career that I don't hate. It doesn't have to be doing something I love, just something I can live with that facilitates all the other things I hope to do in the other hours of the day.

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Same here, but failing that: I want to work doing something to serve the people, and I want to make a living wage doing it.  I want to live in a city again where there are friendly, down-to-earth weirdos similar to me.


To find out what I want out of life.
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Quote from: Nate Rainey on August 02, 2014, 06:25:21 PM
Passable veggie bacon. I don't even like bacon, I just want to know it can be done.
i actually think quorn brand veggie bacon is pretty damn good. definitely the best imitation meat i've ever had.

for me, i want to ... well, to keep getting better at music. and to release it and maybe for it to mean something to someone. that's about it, really.


I want to quit my job.
I want to be surrounded by individuals who want nothing more than friendship, fun, to respect each other, and trade each other's time.
I want a piece of land by somewhere where there'll be water for a while so that no one I know ever has to be worried about a place to live, ever again (unless they want to).
I want to open up a workshop and a farm so that no one I know ever has to go hungry or bored.
I want to never hurt the environment again.


i need get better at setting realistic goals and expectations, so answering this is hard. so. the ability to set realistic goals and expectations for starters.


Quote from: rabbit on August 05, 2014, 03:50:27 AM
i actually think quorn brand veggie bacon is pretty damn good. definitely the best imitation meat i've ever had.

Damn, not vegan :(
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i wanna see the people i love achieve the success they're all working so hard for and absolutely deserve, and hope that they don't get tired of me for being completely without ambition or motivation to commit myself to anything long enough to be successful. more materially, i would really love to be monetarily capable of traveling the world some day.


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I want to double cross Nate Rainey after we get the loot from Joe's house, leaving him to the police while I escape with the female lead on a conveniently placed helicopter taking me to the airport where I catch a plane to the Cayman Islands.  I then find out the loot fenced a grand total of $200.   My dreams suck.

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