Started by HBSR, August 01, 2014, 10:41:57 PM

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Gray Vinyl - Lmt 500 copies OOP   NEW UNPLAYED
I have one or two of these: $10 ppd
Madeline's song is called Jailbait and not found anywhere else besides this 7" .... and on the youtube when i posted you can rip it from there too.

UPHOLLOW- jackets for the trip CD/DVD
$6 ppd  listen on youtube.   They have shared the stage with HWM, Pedro the Lion, The Faint, etc, etc.....  cello/piano rock featuring Ian Cooke.

Recorded at Goldentone studios (AGAINST ME! / RUMBLESEAT/ ETC) 
First proper Saw Wheel / Ghost Mice release.   
unplayed.   i have a couple of these... message an offer....   lmt 2000 copies....   Released 2003

Hubert Taschereau solo project (guitarist from MILANKU)...   nothing like Milanku, more like Rocky Votolato, but good.
$5 ppd

The Field - Hand Screened Covers - lmt 500 copies - hand #'d
$6 ppd or GET TRACKS HERE FREE   and then wonder why you never heard of him.

Message Me if needs diapers....