records for sale (moving! cheap! new! used!)

Started by puzzlepieces, July 28, 2014, 01:09:10 PM

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Shipping: $4 for up to three LPs, $3 for up to three 7"s, I will calculate shipping beyond that.

Everything is new unless it says used after it. Most used items are in very good shape, many played only once. Get in touch about condition of specific items. Offers welcome, especially if you want to buy a lot of stuff.

PM me, post here, or email puzzlepiecesrecords[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested.


Cinema Red and Blue- What's Yr Rupture 7" (no sleeve, used)
Crystalized Movements- The Lowest Step b/w In a Room (used, corner of cover missing)
Human Mess- Uncaged Animal (used)
Human Mess- Anger Problems (used)
Kid Romance- Fuck Punx b/w I Use Electricity (used)
No Connection- Second to None (used)
Parasol- Crush Season
Red Monkey- KRS Mail Order Freaks (used)
Retsin- KRS Mail Order Freaks (used)
Sandy City- Nice Hat
Sleepyhead- Punk Rock City USA (used)
Stymie- Sourpuss (used)
Tranzmitors- Teenage Tragedy (used)
Troubled Sleep- Wacky Past Is Now
Brainworms/Dynamite Arrows (used)
Hips/Neon Nazis (used)

Airfix Kits- Flex Time (used)
Airfix Kits- Playing Both Sides (used)
Anita Fix & Bam Bam- Run for Joy b/w 20 Second Bug
Awful Man- New Ways to Say Fuck Off
Black Clouds- Mobius Strip (used)
Chit Chat- s/t
Curmudgedon- Human Ouroboros
Drinking Woman- Used Cars (used)
Four Eyes- s/t
Frankie Rose- Thee Only One (used)
Gomek- What the Hell Happened (used)
Grenadine- Triology (used)
Gun Outfit- On the Beach (used)
Hilly Eye- Jacob's Ladder
Home Blitz- Perpetual Night (used)
Homeowners- Light and Vision
Icon Gallery- Valiance
Lake of Dracula- s/t (used)
Liquorice- Stalls (used)
Male Nurses- s/t (used)
New Creases- About Last Night
Peeple Watchin'- Demo
Peter Bjorn and John- Objects of My Affection (used)
Rough Kids- Into the '00s
Shitty Limits- Straight Forward b/w Messin' With The Kid (used)
Shitty Limits- Espionage (used)
Shitty Limits- Here Are the Limits (used)
Sic Alps- L. Mansion (used)
Sopors- s/t
The Stops- s/t
Tronics- Shark Fucks (repress, used)
Tsunami- Be Like That (used)
Tsunami- Poodle b/w Old City
Tunabunny- Song for My Solar Sister
Cat Party/La Corde- split (used)
Panzram/Shoppers- split
Tunabunny/Shrag- split

Brain F- So Dim (red) (used)
Comet Gain- Love Without Lies (used)
Drunkdriver- Knife Day b/w January 2nd (used)
Halo Halo- Manananggal b/w Sunshine Kim
Honeysuck- s/t
The New Flesh- Nowhere (used)
Nobunny- Give It to Me (red, used)
Reynosa- Carinito b/w Caballeras
I'd Buy That For a Dollar comp (Cave Weddings, Useless Eaters, Gut Reactions, Wanton Looks, used)

Autistic Youth- I Want to See Every Tower Fall (blue, used)
Blank Stare- s/t (used)
Cave Weddings- Bring Your Love (used)
Throwing Up- Mother Knows Best
Try the Pie- Wondrous

In School- Praxis of Hate

The Blow- Parentheses
Hysterics- s/t
Hysterics- Can't I Live?
No More Art- Peripeteia b/w Evil Eyes
Permaculture- Swallow What You're Given
This Is Fucked This Is Shit comp (Jabberjaw, J. Church, Jolt, Good Grief) (used)

Drunkdriver- Fire Sale b/w It Never Happened (black vinyl w/ black cover, /100) (used)
Pang- Young Professionals
Sex Vid- Tania
The Body/Get Killed- split (used)

$higher prices
Babies- All Things Come to Pass $7
Career Suicide- Cherry Beach (Sewercide Records, UK tour press, used) $40
Drunks with Guns- s/t (2x7") (used) $8
Mean Jeans- License 2 Chill (used) $10
Liars/No Age- split $8
White Wires/Mean Jeans- split $7.50


Sportique- Communique no. 9 (used)

Retsin- Salt Like (used)


Retsin- Sweet Luck of Amaryllis (used)

Brick Mower- Under the Sink
Libyans- Common Place
Torches to Rome- s/t (used)
Former Members of Alfonsin/Project Hate- split (used)

Bread and Circuits- s/t (used)
Canadian Rifle- Visibility Zero (used)
Daylight Robbery- Through the Confusion (used)
Grenadine- Goya (used, WRTC written on front)
Hilly Eye- Reasons to Live
Ida- My Fair, My Dark (used)
Neverever- Angelic Swells (used)
Spokenest- s/t
Sweater Girls- Were Here
Foreign Objects/Daylight Robbery/Defect Defect- three way split

Ambulars- Dreamers Asleep at the Wheel
Antlers- s/t (used)
Foreign Objects- No Sensation
Joyride!- s/t

Big Eyes- Almost Famous
Clikatat Ikatowi- River of Souls (used)
Daylight Robbery- Ecstatic Vision (purple)
Mutoid Men- Mutoid World (used)
Reports- Mosquito Nets (used)
Sexy- Por Vida (used)

Ampere- Like Shadows (used)
Autistic Youth- Landmine Beach (used)
Aye Nako- Unleash Yourself
Derby Dolls- Extreme Probleme
Infinite Void- s/t
Libyans- Expired Language
Parasol- Not There
Are You With the Band comp

Criaturas- Espiritu de Libertad
Hanna Hirsch- Ga Hem Over Himlen
Ida- Ten Small Places (used)
Swearin- Surfing Strange
Tara Jane O'Neil- A Ways Away
FMBX Society Tape comp
Tiger Tonue Pussy Cactus comp (Air Conditioning, Vegas Martyrs, Coughs, the New Flesh) (used)

Crazy Band- Live from Prison
Fever B- Lonely Sailor Sessions (used)
Ida- Tales of a Brave Ida 2xLP (used)
Ida- I Know About You 2xLP (used)

Failures- s/t (red, used)
Potty Mouth- Hell Bent
SaraLee- s/t

Good Throb- Fuck Off

$Higher prices
Ampere- The First Five Years (used) $25
Last Priest- s/t (used) $15
No Age- Weirdo Rippers (used) $27
Tara Jane O'Neil- To Trace a Raveling (used) $17


Chit Chat- demo
Neonates- s/t
Staring Problem- s/t
Troubled Sleep- demo
Parasol/Prank War- split

Fleabite- Over It
In School- demo
Tomboy- demo

$higher prices
Merchandise- Angels in the Station (used) $25
Merchandise- Gone Are The Silk Gardens Of Youth (used) $18