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General / a question for people that book shows
« on: June 30, 2015, 03:19:46 PM »
Hey y'all,
So I've been booking shows for a while and have had a certain DIY house show sort of place going for two years now. We have had a lot of great bands come through on tour and we have always tried to help them out and get them food and a place to stay. I have always booked bands based pretty much on the same criteria, that they aren't hateful a**holes, and that they are actually a good band. I don't have to necessarily like them, but I think since I have been alive long enough and playing music long enough to know mostly when someone is or isn't good.

Anyway, I've got this kid who has asked for shows in the past. He is a solo act, his guitar playing is sloppy, I would say he is actually tone deaf and the only thing that could make up for that is writing great songs. Which he doesn't. I've never promised him a show, though I have never told him straight up he sucks and I won't book him. But he seems to think that since he lives nearby, writes his own songs, because he has had a hard life, and because he has always wanted to play at this place that I should book him.

So I guess the question is, do you, when booking shows, just keep to the idea that you want to book people you can stand by and respect as musicians and artists, and exclude the kids who just aren't good enough yet? (not forever, just until they improve) Or do you book someone because they REALLY want to play, because they think they are good enough and have earned it, and maybe slightly out of pity.

Also, since a few days ago when I turned him down for a date next month, he started talking lots of crap about me and the venue. Called me out from stage at an open mic saying he earned this and that it is unfair that I book other people and not him. Plus something twice as long as this whole thing on Facebook about how I suck.

Just looking for some input, maybe some of you have dealt with something similar.

Sounds awesome, but how do I get to your living room?

General / Re: band you hate that everyone seems to love
« on: March 23, 2015, 10:13:25 PM »
The Mountain Goats. I really don't get it. My friend even brought me to a show and I hoped that seeing them would make me understand why so many people love them. It didnt.

General / Re: East Coast Tour Help
« on: December 18, 2014, 06:41:11 PM »
It's funny that you pointed out Murphy. That was just a note to ourselves that I forgot to delete. We are visiting a friend in Murphy, probably not playing a show there.

I have been to firestorm a few times, it's a cool place. I didn't know they moved and I'll see of I can get in touch with them. Thanks for the suggestion.

General / East Coast Tour Help
« on: December 18, 2014, 09:38:29 AM »
I play in a folk-punk band from NY called Common Folk, and we're planning an East Coast tour for January 15th to February 7th. It's our first time booking a tour, so if there's anyone out there who can help us out, it would be a huge help! Here are our dates/locations:

1/15/2014   New Haven, CT
1/16/2014   Providence, RI
1/17/2014   Boston, MA
1/18/2014   Maine
1/19/2014   Potsdam, NY
1/20/2014   Syracuse, NY
1/21/2014   Pittsburgh, PA
1/22/2014   Acron, Ohio
1/23/2014   Lansing, MI
1/24/2014   Bloomington, IN
1/25/2014   Nashville, TN
1/26/2014   Arkansas/Mississippi
1/27/2014   New Orleans, LA
1/28/2014   Alabama
1/29/2014   Georgia
1/30/2014   South Carolina
1/31/2014   Murphy, NC
2/1/2014           Ashville, NC
2/2/2014           Richmond, VA
2/3/2014          Washington, DC
2/4/2014          Philladelphia, PA
2/5/2014          Bethlehem, PA
2/6/2014          New Jersey
2/7/2014          NYC

Thank you for the help!

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