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General / Re: I made a new mixtape/mix cd/whatever.
August 24, 2014, 08:06:08 PM
am I the only person that clicked every wrong download button before finding the real one?
General / two punx bands on tour, help?
August 13, 2014, 02:31:46 PM

Thursday, December 4th --- Tuscon, AZ @ The District Tavern

Friday, December 5th --- Phoenix, AZ @ Funny-World

Saturday, December 6th --- Los Angeles, CA @ Glitter Death

Sunday, December 7th --- Santa Barbara, CA @ Biko Infoshop

Monday, December 8th --- Santa Cruz, CA

Tuesday, December 9th --- Arcata, CA @ The Birdhouse

Wednesday, December 10th --- Eugene, OR

Thursday, December 11th --- Olympia, WA @ palace flophouse

Friday, December 12th --- Cheney, WA

Saturday, December 13th --- Spokane, WA @ Mars

Sunday, December 14th --- Seattle, WA @ Full Tilt Icecream

Monday, December 15th --- Portland, OR @ The Placenter

Tuesday, December 16th --- Corvallis, OR @ Interzone

Wednesday, December 17th --- Oakland, CA

Thursday, December 18th --- San Luis Obispo

Friday, December 19th --- San Diego, CA @ The Dawg House
General / Re: Post Your Music!
August 08, 2014, 10:34:14 AM
I bought a drumset to start and band with a friend  and this happened.
This is our first and only demo from a long time ago, I play the drums.
7" split comin soon. Definitely the most emotionally intense band Ive ever been in.
General / Re: Introduce Yourself Thread
August 07, 2014, 02:24:24 AM
connor, I just realized you live in san diego. what area?
oh cool, Ill try and remember to do it tomorrow, otherwise send me a private messsage to remind me
I have the cd. I was looking for whoever bought the screen and never heard them. I guess I might upload it? it feels wrong though.
General / Re: Introduce Yourself Thread
July 17, 2014, 02:35:14 AM
Name:  Chris-Eugene-Chris

Username Meaning: It's one of my names

Location: San Diego, CA

Age: 23

What You Do: sk8, rock, book rockers, hang out, read?

Favorite Music: fifteen, crimp shrine, op: cliff clavin, paul simon, mitch the champ, patsy cline, TBIAPB, the ancient gods, toopin, belle and sebastion are some favs

Likes: I don't know.

Pet Peeves: I don't know

Social Media: youtube - smoothie wizard    Sk8boarding, shows, documentation, and other nonsense

Photo: I don't know
General / Re: Fall 2014 Delay U.S. Tour
July 08, 2014, 05:05:03 PM
Hey! It's Chris from san diego. I can get you a show on the 7th here.
gonna be a couple weeks actually, my bad
General / Re: Post picture of your pets!
June 17, 2014, 10:59:23 AM
Elliot, the newest member of our house.

Give me a couple days robots
If you want to hear it give me your address...
General / Whoever was looking for helter skeltor...
June 13, 2014, 05:46:29 PM
...please contact me

see ya there I like these new faces much better than the old ones  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( ;D ;) ;) :) :o ::) :-[ :-[ :-[