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Wow- Friday night here in LA I went to the Echoplex to see HWM play NO DIVISION in full and it was fucking powerful and so stupidly nostalgic. I think at 37 I'm having a midlife crisis and I just don't know how to lead a life anymore. The other day I ate an edible and wandered LA on foot listening to some Boards of Canada and saw young people spilling onto the streets from what was clearly a party going on in someone's apartment and I had crazy flashbacks back to the loft scene in Brooklyn and seeing house/loft shows and strangers spilling everywhere in dimly lit hallways, cigarette and weed smoke wafting all over the air, tubs and pitchers full of cheap beer and just the feeling anything is possible and randomly meeting people and having under the influence conversations and feeling young and amazing. And it just stung that it feels like all that is in the past. That life is buried but still exists for others in a different setting and wow. It's hard aging. And then going to the HWM show and screaming along and wondering what the latest punk bands that are doing it for the youth today. Going back to a time where it seemed like we all wanted to pick the most emotional choiciest lyrics our AIM info msg for people to read and grasp onto for just a lifeline to make it through a cold night. I forgot what it was like to feel that way. It was nice. And it was also unsettling at the same time.
It seems like life is a revolving circle and disconnected alienation and how could I forget that this feeling was once the norm and now only shoots into me sometimes while attending a HWM show or walking around the city high on weed. It's crazy. Otherwise I'm just an aging weirdo trying to find a reason to smile every single day. Not much different than when a punk lyric was what I needed. Sorry this is rambling but just felt like posting.
Great band, great album. Really evokes nostalgia and feelings I had as an early-to-mid 20s person involved in the punk scene from 2002-2006... especially if you were familiar with the scene in Brooklyn, NY and bands like Bent Outta Shape. Reminds me of being young and as Bent Outta Shape channeled The Replacements beyond compare this album for me does a similar punk rock lost in life thing for a sound similar to Teenage Fanclub. Can't stop listening. Just thought I'd mention it and see if anyone wants to check em out. The album is on Bandcamp and Spotify.
General / Re: Youtube playlists
April 11, 2018, 05:35:37 PM
Sorry - I haven't had a chance to check any of these out yet.

Yes Life is crazy and it sucks. I am constantly tripping over my own feet... depression/anxiety... and have failed to find employment now 3 months since relocating to Los Angeles. I despise job hunting. I'd rather do almost anything else.
General / Re: Youtube playlists
April 01, 2018, 09:41:59 PM
Nice! I will check them out when I get a chance this week and let ya know what I think :)
General / Re: Finally...
March 17, 2018, 08:47:42 PM
DAMN it's been since 05/06 since I posted on here. I don't even remember what my username was. But I still rock those Bent Outta Shape (not they were on Plan It X) albums all the time.

I am now a crusty old 36 year old puker who recently relocated to Los Angeles. Doubt I know anyone here or that anyone knows me but if anyone here is in LA or knows people I can reach out to and befriend in LA that would be dope.

I miss the Brooklyn of my youth and 20s. And I miss a life of possibility.