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General / Share your happy pix memories from before
August 24, 2017, 08:27:48 PM
why do we even do this still
of not logging on, and i come back to get nostalgic and the board is GONE

jer you'll never let this happen right?
Via Chris' fb:

"After much consideration over the last two or three years, I have decided to surrender plan-it-x records. Plan-it-X will not be releasing any more music in a physical format. It is not financially possible for me to do this anymore. In my opinion concept of the record label is no needed. Bands can do it themselves which is what this scene has always been about for me. Sam and I only started this label to help bands that could not afford to release their own music or had no interest in doing mail order themselves. We just released music for bands that we fell in love with, and wanted the world to hear. It was a passion, a community, not a business. We served a purpose at the time. Plan-it-x is no longer needed. I also refuse to give in to the social media push to be more aggressive and advertise and market our bands. The D.I.Y. punk scene has always meant so much more to me than that. I have tried to grow and change with the times but I'm really not feeling it. I also think that if Sam was here today, she would agree with me. She felt these things long before I did. I believe it would dishonor her memory to keep going.

The catalog will stay active for a few months, so if you want to buy something do it soon. After that, P.I.X. releases will be available from No Idea Records. They have a P.I.X. section in their distro catalog. The bandcamp will remain up for a while, unless I start to feel weird about it.  If you're reading this as an active P.I.X. band, and would like your records, contact me and you can have them. I've very grateful to all the bands that have been a part of P.I.X. and I regret that this might be the first you have heard about the end.

Also, I regret to announce that there will not be a Plan-it-X fest this year, I know I told many people that I was 90% sure their would be, but I don't think it's a good idea. I'm not saying there will never be another one, but there will not be one in 2016.

I'm very sorry if this news makes you sad, it makes me very sad too. It has taken me a very long time to come to this conclusion, to admit that the thing I have devoted twenty one, or twenty two years of my life to is no longer possible.

I look forward to moving on to something new and feeling inspired again soon. I'm open to suggestions (please don't suggest that I keep doing P.I.X. unless you can pay for all the records to be released and maybe help out with storage of those records that won't sell).

With the most sincerity possible, I want to thank all of the AMAZING people that have been involved with P.I.X. over the years. I mean everyone: bands, helpers, record assemblers, people who wrote nice letters, all the people that helped me move heavy boxes of records, other labels and distros that allied with P.I.X. and everyone that came to plan-it-x fest and everyone that worked at any P.I.X. fest.

I am so grateful for the friends I have made over these years because of this record label. Thank you.  -chris"

I'm starting to get pretty serious about making this happen, I am thinking 5 years from now? I want to move to Scandinavia or the Netherlands most likely. Top choice is Amsterdam because I'm a cliche and also I really don't want to drive and also because I just finished the Letters of Vincent Van Gogh. Alternatively, Canada, which would probably be the easiest but also the most like America, which I am sick to death of. Cost of living has always been the biggest drawback, but I live in Portland, so the comparison is actually pretty equal it seems. Really just want to know how hard it really is, if anyone has done it before? I've seen that they have a tax break if you are a "skilled worker" in Amsterdam at least... Anyone know how open that interpretation is? Tattoo artist is pretty skilled.... but it's not exactly the super techy jobs that most people talking about the tax break have...
February 11, 2015, 10:07:29 PM
someone? anyone? pleeeaaaaseeee
SO I'm applying for tattoo school next year!!!!

(just fyi - oregon has the strictest tattoo licensing in the country and requires that you receive formal training from a licensed school unless you have years of experience tattooing in another state. tattoo school if you plan to work in oregon is not optional, and the school i'm applying to is extremely professional, and legit! just a disclaimer, because i've had to explain it to people not familiar with the oregon licensing criteria, and people who went through traditional tattoo apprenticeships feel reeeal threatened when you talk about tattoo school. it is true - in most states it's basically a money making scheme, but in oregon it is basically like an art school, with a similar application process. okay cool!)

ANYWAY, I'm working on submitting my portfolio, and have a bunch of stuff that is about a year old from when I was in art classes and shit. but i want to have a few brand new pieces, and thought I might as well try my hand at some traditional tattoo styles, just to see what I'm already capable of. Drawing is taught at the school as well, so they're not expecting you to be perfect by any means... but I've drawn tattoo style shit for as long as I remember anyway, so why not.

My point is, give me ideas for tattoos to draw??
I am trying to argue this with myself but I'm just not sure. There is this costume on the website of the store where I work and I reeeally want it to be okay because ancient Egypt is a huge interest of mine (from a beauty/art history perspective) here is the costume:

I get why Native American stuff is appropriation because it's profiting off an oppressed culture and everything. Egypt is obviously not my heritage but I don't feel like this crosses the same lines as like a headdress or war bonnet would. Am I wrong?? I feel like ancient Egypt is part of a history we all share... Is that also wrong?? I'm obviously not saying I'm part African or anything. Ahhhh I don't know.
or will it accomplish anything??

this woman moved in next door and she is wasted all the time - not sure on what but it's probably painkillers or something along those lines? she doesn't have meth teeth or anything, just very vacant, slurs a lot, etc. she never leaves the apartment, yells at the top of her lungs on the phone for hours a day using incredibly foul language (there are kids running around outside who are definitely in earshot), tonight she's been listening to an ipod (I GUESS - there is no actual music playing) and singing LITERALLY at the top of her lung since i got home 3 hours ago. I don't even know how she still has a voice she's singing so loud. Our walls are concrete blocks and I NEVER hear my other neighbors. She chain smokes in her doorway and has left cigarette butts scattered all over the walkway and into my doorway. If i leave my window open (which is pretty necessary since i don't have ac) my apartment smells like cigarettes for days. (sidenote that i couldn't actually complain about but she's outside ALL THE TIME and basically latches on like a starving puppy and she tries to talk to you because she is desperate for attention i guess). I UNDERSTAND she probably has mental health issues, she told my boyfriend the first day she moved in that she's suing her ex-fiance for causing her to miscarry triplets... which is really sad if it's true and really really fucked up to say if it's not (which is the direction i'm leaning), i want to be sensitive to that but she is also driving me NUTS. I'm not calling the cops for a noise violation or anything... can i do ANYTHING? I've started taking random recordings of her yell/screaming....

normally i'm suuuuuuper chill about this stuff but holy shit it is incessant!
June 12, 2014, 08:10:24 PM
i know it's super unpunk to love the world cup just like the olympics but i can't help it!

anyone else getting in on this?