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Follow up to 2015's Inconsolable LP, 6 new tracks on a one-sided 12".

Available in splatter, color-in-color, and classic black.

Available now at:

Also available from Different Kitchen (UK) and Crapoulet Records (FR).

Pleas note: !ATTENTION! s/t LP is down to under 10 copies.
General / Anyone have "my style is banana style" lyrics?
September 08, 2016, 11:18:18 AM
Anyone got the words to the banana anthem??
General / $10 LP Sale - 7"s Added
July 19, 2016, 08:01:35 PM
All LP's $10 each, unless noted. $5 flat rate shipping in the US. Email for international shipping quotes.

Email to order or if you have any questions. PayPal only.

All records are new and un-played, unless noted.

All People - Communicate
All People - s/t
Antithought - The Letdown
Argentinum Astrum - Malleus Maleficarum
Autarkeia - s/t
Autonomy/No Sir I Won't split
Awkward Age - We Could Be Anywhere
Bearchild - Wishing Well
Bearchild - Freedom Songs 10" ($5.00)
Bear Trade - Blood and Sand
Boilerman - Feel Ways About Stuff
Boilerman - Loss Leaders
Boilerman - s/t 10" ($8.00)
Broken Prayer - Misanthropocentric AKA Droids Blood
Caddywhompus - The Weight
The Capitalist Kids - At a Loss
Casual - s/t
Civilization - s/t
Coke Bust - Lines in the Sand
Colossal Wrecks - Waste the Moments
The Coltranes - Man with the Hat
Jon Creeden - Beards
Dead Uncles - Stock Characters
Death Friends - Tape Rec
Delay - Rushing Ceremony
Dingus - Who Cares
Dolarhyde - s/t
The Dukes of Hillsborough - Generation Tinnitus
The Ejector Seats - High Hopes, Low Expectations
The Elsinores - New Forms
Environmental Youth Crunch - Let's Ride
Failures Union - In What Way (2009 Fall Tour Pressing)
Fellow Project - Basic Axemanship 10" ($8.00)
Fellow Project - The Stable Life
The Flaming Tsunamis - Externalities
Florence & Libby/We Were Skeletons/Kids/Paxton split
Gay Kiss - Preservation Measures
Giant Peach - Tarantula
Go Sell Drugs - In Hades
Go White Bronco - Population: Ghost Town (Mems Iron Chic, Fellow Project, etc...)
Hospital Job - Never Get Cold
Iron Chic - Not Like This
Karbomb/Seagulls split
Karoshi - Ichi
Jesse Lebourdais - Long Winter
Lansbury - Everything Went Static
Lethal Overdose - Unfinished Business
Like Bats - Midwest Nothing
Lost Love - Comfortable Scars
Mall'd to Death - Can't Make a Living
Man is the Bastard/Capitalist Casualties split
Man Without Plan - Sounds Too Loud, Lights Too Bright
Matt Wixsom's Flying Circus - About Time
More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters - History Isn't an Endless Circle
Moment - Thick and Unwieldy From all our Layers 2x LP ($15.00)
Museum Mouth - Alex, I Am Nothing
Notches - High Speed Crimes
Now Denial - Fuck Now Denial
Old Wives/Blendours split
Pinned in Place - Ghostwritten By
Plow United - Goodnight Sellout
Purple 7 - Gulf of the Afterglow
Raging Nathans - Losing It
Rations - For Victory
Red and Blue - Traffic & Weather
Rubrics - Apathy is an Institution
Safety - Congratulate Me, I've Lost My Mind
Safety - Night Lights
Sea of Storms - Dead Weight
Sete Star Sept - Royalty Death
Shoppers - Silver Year
Sloane Peterson - Why Go Out?
The Soviettes - Rarities
Spokenest - Gone, Gone, Gone
Spraynard - Cut & Paste
Sun Hotel - Rational Expectations
Ten Thousand Leagues/Archetype split ($2.50 - blank jacket)
Ten Thousand Leagues/John Cota split 10" ($5.00)
Totally Slow - s/t
Underground Railroad to Candyland - Bird Roughs
Unfun - Shore of Lake Eerie
Unfun - Waterboarding
Utter Failure - Eroding Forces
V/A Half-assed Chicago (MOTO, Brokedowns, Sass Dragons, etc...)
Warm Needles - Inconsolable
Weak Teeth - So You've Ruined Your Life
White Murder - Form Early
White Night - Immortal
Witches With Dicks - Not Just a Passing Season

You made it to the bottom, CONGRATS!
General / !ATTENTION! s/t LP pre-order!
June 07, 2016, 05:25:47 PM
The long awaited full-length LP from Toronto's !ATTENTION! Available on black or limited clear vinyl. Ships early July.

Order here:

Listen here:

Available internationally from:
Struggletown Records (UK)
Coffee Doped Records (EU)
My Fingers! My Brain! Records (CA)
Must Be Nice Records (CA)
General / Tour Van Records 1/2 Price Sale!
April 15, 2016, 01:50:30 PM
All Tour Van releases and tee shirts are 1/2 price until 4/24. $2 7"s, $5 LPs, $5 tees.
General / WARM NEEDLES Fall Tour 2015 (9/30-10/7)
September 29, 2015, 04:23:54 PM
Hi friends, we're finally getting to tour with our new record, "Inconsolable". Can't wait to see some old friends and forge some new friendships.


9/30 Philadelphia PA @ Creep Records

10/1 Pittsburgh PA @ The Rock Room

10/2 Dayton OH @ Blind Bob's

10/3 Huntington WV @ The Cricket Cave

10/4 Chattanooga TN @ Sluggo's

10/5 Atlanta GA @ Wonderroot

10/6 Raleigh NC @ Slim's Downtown

10/7 Washington DC @ The Dugout

Stay updated with Tour Van new releases and sales!

Warm Needles "Inconsolable" LP (OUT NOW!!)
Warm Needles demo tape (ONLY PRESSING WHAT IS PRE-ORDERED BY NOV. 9!!)
Dirty Kills "Dead End Shithole" 7" (COMING SOON!!)

Thanks gang!
General / Warm Needles "Inconsolable" LP
April 29, 2015, 01:09:30 PM
    Warm Needles "Inconsolable" OUT NOW!
    US order here:

    Available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc...

    International folks! Along with Tour Van (US), the LP is also being released by these fine labels:
    Eager Beaver (Japan)
    Different Kitchen (UK)
    Chisel (Canada)
    Hectic Society (Germany)


    Album info:

    Track Listing:
    1 Dig My Grave
    2 No You Hang Up
    3 FML
    4 Kneewalker
    5 Fleshed out
    6 Bed Weather
    7 Ghost Holes
    8 Gutted
    9 Team Individuality
    10 Dried Up
    11 Severed Clean

    Tour Van Records (United States) - Transparent Yellow and Solid White
    Chisel Records (Canada) - Transparent Yellow w/Black and White Splatter
    Different Kitchen (United Kingdom) Transparent Yellow w/Black, White, and Blue Splatter
    Eager Beaver Records (Japan) Solid White w/Blue Haze
    Hectic Society Records (Germany) Solid White w/Yellow Haze

    Recorded by Andy Strebel (Warm Needles!)
    Mixed by Andrew "Beaker" Karaptis (Wax Phantom!)
    Mastered by Kristopher "Krum" Di Benedetto (Boilerman!)
    Artwork/Layout by Wells Tipley (Rations!)
    Packaging by Solid MFG
    Lead guitar on 'FML' by Andrew Karaptis