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General / Help! Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma Tour
July 27, 2014, 06:03:24 AM
Heyo! I'll be touring in August, and still need some help with dates.  If anyone knows of a place to play, a good open mic, or pretty much anything that I should do while I'm there, please lemme know.

I'll be with two other solo acts.  Some shows we'll be doin' that, and some we'll be playing as a band.

August 6th - Austin, TX help!   I'd do a show at my house, but I'll be out by August 1st!
August 7th - San  Marcos, TX Sacred Roots House show
August 8th - San Antonio, TX - Nikki's House
August 9th - Victoria, TX TBA
August 10th-12th - Baton Rouge (TBA), Nola Help!!!
August 13th - Texarcana Help!

We'll also be handing around Oklahoma for a week or so after the 13th.  Shows TBA in Tulsa and Muscogee.  Anyone know of any other good OK spots to hit up?