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since it's quiet around here i thought i'd make a casual conversation thread, to lower the barrier to entry.

just post whatever you want to talk about, if you don't feel like making a big ol topic.

i've been listening to old time radio shows all day at my office job. i have a lot of free time there. my big ones that i like are:

vic and sade, a short comedy program that is basically 3 people talking to each other about minor domestic issues. it ran for like 12 years and is the most sublime thing ever. i want to go to wisconsin to look at the collection of scripts they have at a library there. it has a lot of running jokes that give me that phat dopamine or whatever when i recognize them, it's pavlovian. it reminds me a lot of the jon wurster calls on the best show with tom scharpling

yours truly, johnny dollar - a mystery show about an insurance investigator. the framing device is that johnny dollar is recounting the expenses incurred over the course of the investigation. it's a good mix of seriousness, pulpyness, and humor for me. i like hearing everyone's dumb voices.

i'll post about other stuff when i remember it.

thanks for reading

How did you get into that? The original podcasts, haha.

Speaking of podcasts, what are people listening to? I really like Judge John Hodgman and One Bad Mother. I listen to the kids podcast Story Pirates all the time too and enjoy it.

We're selling our house. It's stressful but exciting.

I finished a second bachelors degree on Monday

I've owned 3 houses and I'm only 32, so I know how stressful selling and buying can be. Good thing the market is really really hot right now, at least it is where I live. You should be able to make some money if you didn't trash the place  ::).

We actually put a lot of work into it so I hope it sells easily. The market is hot here too. We should probably be thinking more about buying since that might be harder but the selling is really preoccupying


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