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Best albums of 2017?


What are the best albums from last year that I probably missed because all i ever listen to is The Front Bottoms and Taylor Swift?

Pile - A Hairshirt Of Purpose
Nana Grizol - Ursa Minor
Girlpool - Powerplant
Radiator Hospital - Play The Songs You Like
Emperor X - Oversleepers International
Nnamdi Obonnaya - Drool
Palehound - A Place I'll Always Go
About A Million - Look For Me When You Get Bored
Longface - Hillbilly Wit
Allison Crutchfield - tourist In This Town

This was my top 10 I was forced to create because I work at a record store and am supposed to have these sorts of opinions.

I know of like two of these bands.

I'm old as fuck.

Oh! Onsind!

You might hate this, but it's alot like the front bottoms and I dig it.


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