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I'm finding it difficult to wrap my head around Louis CK and the interconnectedness of the other sexual aggressions.  The habitual actions of all the cases are really upsetting. It reminds me of people that I've met that are charming, treat people as poorly as they can get away with, and then turn the charm back on to gaslight the people with the complaints. It makes me wonder what else Louis CK might do to manipulate his circle of influence to his gain regardless of the value or loss of value for those he actively manipulates.

ack. i'm late for work. I have more thoughts on responsibility of sexuality/hormones as a non-narcissist, because this isn't just about blaming one bad apple and calling it a day.

2017. The year we learned that everyone sucks. The end of 2016 has us all suspecting as much but 2017 really hit the point home.

I’ve always thought I was was one of “the good ones” in regards to how I treat and view women but during the past couple of years I’ve come to the conclusion that I engaged in behaviors that may have been harmful to women when I was younger and always filed it under being “playful”. I’d like to make a separate thread about this because it opens a can of worms. I think it’s a conversation worth having if others want to talk

Now Jesse from Brand new. Just got Science Fiction in the mail too. That makes three albums I have purchased this year and later regretted once past actions of the creator have come to light.

Every day it's someone new it seems. While there are different levels to how shitty people are Weinsteins/Cosby obviously worse then CK's and Kevin Spacey is somewhere in the middle, but it doesn't make what CK did any less shitty.

Blake, I think that's a really courageous and important reflection to have done and to share. You might like Marc Maron's latest wtf episode


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