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I quit facebook

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and it's been pretty good to me.

I read more, and I play guitar a ton (which I'm primarily a bass player, so it's been nice to direct my musical attention to something I'm not as good at, and that sounds better by itself), and after the initial shock of not having constant reinforcement for every small online interaction wore off, the quiet has been nice.

I've often times felt like I was very bad at reaching out to people to hang out, but now that I don't have access to everyone I could ever hope to contact, it feels less stressful. When I see people, it's more exciting. It's frustrating to not share every little inane thought that reminds me of someone with that person, but it's also okay to just kind of let it roll off of me and be forgotten.

I'm adjusting to the break up of my band and the hiatus from booking shows. I hit a dismal spot and had some strong suicide contemplation with some mild acting out around it. I don't know for certain that it's all behind me.

I'm trying to find purpose in my life now that my goals of the last few years have been dashed before my eyes, leaving me little to show for it. For now I'm trying to embrace the simple quiet of doing things just for me.

I'm not sure what this thread is really about, I guess without facebook it seemed like a good idea to put my long-form thoughts here, since there's not much else going on here anyhow. Have you all quit before? Or maybe never really got into it in the first place?

I think about it all the time. I couldn't quit outright because I use it for my business. I do often uninstall for several days to a week at a time and it usually feels really good, like there's just more SPACE.
I keep getting sucked back in though.
Whenever I take long breaks I realize that no one even notices I'm not active. It reinforces how shallow those interactions really are. It's not about real interaction at ALL. It's just about repeated dopamine hits from little bells and whistles disguised as socializing. It's really bizarre. I also think it has totally destroyed our ability to actually feel emotions about any world happening that doesn't directly involve us for more than 30 seconds.
Time for another Facebook break haha.
It is definitely a withdrawal process but it does feel so good after a couple days to realize you can just have thoughts and experiences and not share them.


--- Quote from: momitsnowme on October 06, 2017, 08:02:02 PM ---to realize you can just have thoughts and experiences and not share them.

--- End quote ---

But it's such a weird sensation, right?! At least for a moment (and maybe this only applies to people who are particularly active on facebook - which I definitely was).

I've been on facebook for over 10 years, and maybe in college I took small breaks during times when I needed absolute focus, but they were so minimal and facebook wasn't the monster it is now then then I don't even really recall. Back then I was more apt to take breaks from forum posting and make myself log out of that, which I do remember doing and I do remember it being difficult.

Not being able to leave for the business makes sense. My work has had to re-structure some things for getting information to me because we centralized all communication, including schedules, on facebook. I thankfully did such minimal promotion with our businesses actual page, that it was acceptable for me to leave, for many that's not the case.

I always felt so tied to it because of show promotion. So far quitting facebook is the one somewhat positive consequence of my band falling apart. It has given me an opportunity to step away and I'm glad for the experience. I've been off of it for almost a month, and I have every intention of staying away until the new year. By then I may have enough momentum with new music projects that I may need an outlet to promote again.

And did anyone you didn't tell notice you quit?
It kind of scares me how huge it has gotten. Like when I'm in periods of being super sucked in it's almost like my brain lives in Facebook haha. It's awful.

This gave me the push to uninstall again and I think I'll stay off it all this weekend. Then I think I'll do what I keep intending to do and only use it at night for a set period of time to check in, promote what I need to, and then sign off.

I do leave messenger on though since it's how I actually communicate with a lot of people.

What is your work? That's pretty intense too that they rely so heavily on it. It makes sense though. The client I'm working with now uses slack and it just feels kind of redundant when we could be doing everything through messenger.


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