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Worst Month Ever

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So September is almost over and I am pretty sure it's the worst month me and my family (specifically members of my household) have ever had.

I won't go into too much detail but my stepdaughter has been having a really tough month and the things she has done and things she is going through have been equally hard on me and her mom.

My daughter's eating has been a source of anxiety for quite a while as she spits up A LOT. We finally got it somewhat under control by buying the more expensive premixed formula but this week she's has fevers off and on and has been fussy. Turns out she has Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease which isn't serious but is stressful in the midst of everything else.

This past Monday we found out my wife has melanoma skin cancer and a rare, very serious form at that. We have to go 3 counties over to find a doctor who specializes in it. We will find out more on Monday.

My wife and stepdaughter are at the ER right now trying to find out why my stepdaughter has had a migraine for 2 days and no energy. This has been the least of her problems this month though.

Addy finally fell asleep after eating and being very fussy and I just had a moment to reflect. We had to replace our dishwasher which was a nightmare and before that we had a leak under the upstairs sink which caused water to drip on our ceiling. The ceiling was a $400, week and a half ordeal. Those last two things are the least of our worries but it has all added up. Oh and TMI but I've had hemorrhoids all month. Yay!

I am worried about my stepdaughter and even more so about my wife. I feel like I am under as much stress as I can handle and I can only imagine how hard this is for my wife. I have to be very positive but I'm actually very scared and worried.

I'm sorry your family is having such a terrible time. That's all really awful and I can't imagine what you're going through. I don't know of what help I could be, but reach out if you need anything.

I just needed to rant. Other than my mom, I really don't have many people I feel like I can talk to openly and honestly. I like to be the helper and have a hard time asking for help. I appreciate your offer, Jer.

We will see what happens on Monday. My stepdaughter seems to be in a better mood today, Addy has been sweet and playful, and my wife has been in good spirits. It's been a good day and I'm thankful for that. Hopefully it will continue into tomorrow.

Ugh Blake, I'm sorry. That all sounds so stressful and scary
Thinking of you!!

How's it going Blake?


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