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Alright nerds, who makes a good windows laptop these days?

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Don't say Linux Jer, I'm not smart enough to know how that works.

Every windows laptop I see these days looks super cheap and awful. Anyone know who makes something good in this day and age? Anyone happy with their laptop? I've had Dell and Sony ones and they were garbage. The Lenovo and Asus ones my friends had at school seemed really cheap. I have a macbook for my art stuff but I need to keep all my years of Windows info somewhere. Reviews online don't seem very helpful. What should I do?!

Linux? I only run a leaked bootleg release of BeOS 5.1 from before they went bankrupt in 2000.

It's not a very good user experience, tbh.

Anna Karina:
I hear Compaq is cool again.

I have a Toshiba touch screen laptop that I like. It's small so it's easy to take around and it flips to a tablet or presentation mode. It doesn't have much space on it so if you do gaming or whatever it probably wouldn't be for you but it's great for the internet and word processing

Alienware, because you're rich.


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