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What should we do around here

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Any ideas for any changes you want to see around here? Subcategories or anything? ideas for how to get new people in around here? etc etc.

Not sure if I'm a big fan of sub categories.  It's slow enough around here that I can't see dividing what little conversation we do have into different pages.  The movement of topics on the front page recently is kind of nice.  Let's all just make it a point to post more.

Yeah I pretty much agree with that, that's why we didn't bring back subcats when the board first crashed.

Any other ideas?

Can someone tell Brian Tightpants to come back and we can insult one another? It would be just like old times.

I also still think we should come up with a name for the board; something snappy, full of moxie that the kids will think is "groovy".

Anna Karina:
Are the kids still listening to FRNTRNNR?


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