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why do we even do this still

Hijinx tattoooooos

Every defiance, oh show ever with my arms around you all screaming the words all sweaty

Holding my friend Danielle's hand with us both crying while Ghost Mice played "oh me"

Tots and Schlitz at fest

Anna Karina:
Heathers knew who I was when I saw them with Jar and Becca, oh my! Although in retrospect maybe that's not a good thing...

Also crashing at Totally Michael's place for PIX Fest 2005. It was hot and sweaty, I watched Hedwig at some house show, ate some really gross vegan hot dogs, watched Spoonboy eat pie, met Jer and he doesn't remember it, saw Rio de la Muerte, and met some chill awesome people.

One more dead cop. Quit bring the shit.

Haha Brett, I liked going to the movies with your parents

Anna Karina:
Didn't we see Slumdog? I don't think I've watched it since then.


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