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Still looking for the music video posted on ifeelsicktomystomach.blogspot


So, I feel like I am doomed to never find out what the song was that was posted on Laura Jane's Grace a long time ago (coming back to check if anybody answered I found everything has been erased the day after I registered a username here).

So, here was the question:

Does anybody know the music video that was posted on when it was still around. The song was not an Against Me! song. The music video was shot in a hotel or lobby of some sort. It had an electric keyboard, drums, and maybe bass. I think it was from the '80s. The singer had an almost bored, baritone voice. Maybe a lyrics had the word "gold" in it?

This song has been stuck in my head for weeks. It's bordering on obsessive. I tried humming it into phone apps and asking Yahoo. I went into archives of the blog, but they did not go back far enough.

Thank you in advance for obliging my ridiculous quest.

so it was your fault!


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