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Wind River is really disappointing.  It is 106 minutes long, but feels like 3 hours.  The casting is really bad. The acting is fairly bad. There are scenes that feel heavily like foreshadowing, but never develop into anything. The cinematography is ok, but it makes the environment they are in seem small, not expansive.

Has anyone seen Phantom Thread? It’s not playing around here but I’d like to see it even if the subject matter doesn’t really interest me. It’s Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis so I’m sure it will be good regardless of subject matter

When lock down started I started MST3K from the beginning to watch while working and at this point I feel like an expert on schlock. A couple of the movies were genuinely good and I enjoyed them more than the riffing. I've also been watching a lot of the 50's and 60's stuff on the Film Detective app, much of which (but not all!) is also hokey but fun. Watched all of Twin Peaks + Fire Walk because I'd never seen it before, and I feel like I should have had my punk card revoked for not seeing it sooner. I don't really watch a lot of TV other than cartoons though.

How did we all feel about Uncut Gems? I liked it; it wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it was definitely a great performance from Sandler.


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