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General / NEW Moral Crux 7"! First new music since 2003!
« on: September 14, 2015, 06:59:54 AM »

4 brand new punkers on two colors of wax from the best band from Ephrata, Washington! Moral Crux is known for their excellent 77-style punk, coupled with intelligent political lyrics.

"Revolution(Shouldnt Be So Hard) and "Reality Is My Escape" b/w "Time Clock" and "Heart on Trial" fill up this platter, the band's first new music since 2003!

Grab up the delicious purple vinyl while it lasts, once its gone, its gone. First 100 preorders get a limited MC poster.

Pre-Order starts Monday, September 14th!

Official Release/Ship Date: Monday, September 28th, 2015!

The first full length from these New York Queer-core punkers is a sweet but angry journey through front woman Cristy Road’s heart. It’s a jagged journey and we get to taste the blood the whole way through.

On beautiful vinyl that we are describing as "aqua seafoam"

Split release with Nervous Nelly Records.

Pre-orders will ship the first week of September.


General / Punk rock bundle! 2 LPs, 4 7"s, 4 cassettes and 1 CD!!!
« on: July 12, 2015, 11:17:51 AM »
I am in desperate need of some cashola for a new record we are putting out so here is the biggest Mooster Bundle ever!!

What Youll get:

The Connie Dungs "S/t" LP(green vinyl)
Pool Party "Pool Party Number One" LP(yellow blue splatter vinyl)
Pool Party "Pool Party Party" 7"
Pool Party "Teenage Weirdo" 7"
The Demerits "Shake It" 7"
Kepi Ghoulie "13 for 13" Tape
Chronics Tape
McCrackins tape
MTX "King Dork Approximately cassingle with goodies
One mystery 7" of my choosing
a Mooster Mania CD of my choosing

2 LPs, 4 7"s, 4 cassettes and 1 CD!!! for $25

US only please!



Stiletto Bomb releases debut EP “In The Dark” on Mooster Records
Chicago, IL

Massachusetts punk band STILETTO BOMB, with front man J Prozac, are set to release their 6-song debut EP, “In The Dark”, through Chicago’s Mooster Records on July 13, 2015. Mixed and Mastered at Sonelab of Easthampton, MA by Mark Alan Miller, who has also worked with J Mascis and the Pixies, the release is an amalgam of shredding guitars, Male/Female duo vocals, and a blistering beat going 120 miles per hour. To celebrate their album, the band will play a record release show at 13th Floor in Florence, MA on August 7th, 2015 with local bands Remones and Funzzle. Shows in Boston and Connecticut are in the works for September. Preorder packages on moosterrecords.com to start on June 29, 2015 with three options that include a variation of stickers, buttons, magnets, autographed poster, and t-shirts.

In anticipation of the release, “Ampgrinder”  the blazing fifth track from “In The Dark”  is available streaming on the band’s bandcamp site. Listeners can find the tracks here: https://stilettobomb.bandcamp.com/releases.
About Stiletto Bomb
Stiletto Bomb, a punk rock band from Westfield, MA, formed in January 2014, originally as J Prozac and The Stilettos. Locals in the Western Massachusetts music scene refer to the band as a "supergroup" based on the members' previous projects and years of experience. The line up includes J Prozac (The Prozacs; J Prozac & The Stilettos) on lead vocals & rhythm guitar,  Andy Nihilate(ex-PVRD Roller Derby Star) also on lead vocals, Jeff Blood (Uncomfortables & Pajama Slave Dancers) on lead guitar, Scotty Blood (Uncomfortables & Pajama Slave Dancers) on bass, and Matty Prozac (The Prozacs) on drums.

About Mooster Records
Mooster Records is an independent record label based in Chicago, IL run by Brandon and Nichole Harrod. Mooster has been supporting musicians since 2008. Mooster Records' purpose and passion is to support unique independent musicians and artists by making their art available to a wider audience. They are committed to collaborating with artists of all medium to create a total artistic experience through the production of tangible music, such as vinyl records, cassettes and CDs, as well as exhibitions and performances.

Brandon Harrod - moosterrecords@gmail.com - moosterrecords.com
Links - https://www.facebook.com/stilettobomb - https://stilettobomb.bandcamp.com

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